Navigating the Modeling World in Oliver Baggerman’s Van - Yummy Issue 7

Navigating the Modeling World in Oliver Baggerman’s Van - Yummy Issue 7

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of modeling, success can be fleeting, and the path to a thriving career is often marked by challenges and opportunities. We sat down with the charismatic and multi-talented Oliver Baggerman, a model whose journey has spanned 15 remarkable years and one of Yummy 7’s covers. Beyond the camera's lens, Oliver's life is a tapestry woven with passions for sports, adventure, and the great outdoors as well as his passion for van life, exciting nude experiences out in nature, and other yummy topics. Join us as we delve into his unique perspective on modeling, his love for Hard Enduro, and his affinity for embracing the raw beauty of nature.

The images are cropped/ made safe for online purposes, full images available inside Yummy Issue 7

Photo story by Sasha Olsen
ADRIAN GOMIS EXPOSITO: Hi Oliver! It’s wonderful having you on Yummy. How are you doing?
OLIVER BAGGERMAN: Hello! I'm doing well, my friends are currently on holiday in the Caribbean waters. I hope you're ready for the next few minutes of reading. I'm thrilled to be part of this wonderful project.
AGE: Can you tell us about your upbringing in Tenerife, and how it has influenced your interests and passions in life?
OB: Growing up on an island like Tenerife has had a profound impact on me. The slower pace of island life and the prevalence of tourism as a main industry sparked my interest in different cultures from an early age. My desire to explore and travel was strong, which initially led me to study tourism. Eventually, I found a perfect opportunity that allowed me to combine work-related travel with my passion for exploring the world.
How did you develop a love for sports, and what made you particularly drawn to Hard Enduro, which consists of challenging off-road motorcycle racing? Can you share some memorable experiences from your adventures in the mountains and what this sport is about?
Staying active has always been a vital part of my life, providing an outlet for my energy. While team sports caught my interest when I was younger, I gradually gravitated toward individual sports, which allowed me to rely on my personal strengths to conquer challenges. My introduction to Hard Enduro came about four years ago, coinciding with my growing fondness for motorcycles. Though I hesitated initially to get my driver's license, my fascination with the sport ultimately won me over. Hard Enduro demands a unique blend of physical and mental attributes: agility, dexterity, quick reflexes, and physical prowess. Once I'm suited up in full protection gear, the world fades away, and I'm completely immersed in the moment, focusing solely on myself and the motorcycle.
Balancing a modeling career with your passion for sports and nature can be challenging. How do you manage your time and commitments to make sure you can enjoy both aspects of your life?
The key challenge in my life is often finding free time. Fortunately, my profession offers some flexibility, with intervals between trips. This allows me to organize my schedule upon returning home and indulge in the things I'm passionate about.
Being a model for 15 years is an impressive achievement. What initially sparked your interest in modeling, and how has your career evolved over the years?
My journey in the modeling world began with a win in a talent show in Spain, which introduced me to a realm rife with unique challenges. Initially, I held optimistic expectations, envisioning a constant stream of fun and festivities. At the age of 20, defining a long-term professional path is a formidable task. However, as the years passed and I gained maturity, I transformed my initial perception into a more professional and enduring career. This journey has been a testament to growth and evolution.
You mentioned spending days with your van in beautiful spots. Can you share some of your favorite locations you've discovered during your van adventures, and how has this experience contributed to your connection with nature? Tell us what van life is like and why you love it.
While I often travel throughout the Canary Islands, some of my most cherished spots include El Hierro, La Palma, and Fuerteventura. Perhaps my affinity for these places stems from their untamed beauty and striking contrasts. If I were to choose one, it would be El Hierro—an untouched and spectacular gem. Van life strips away the unnecessary, leaving only the essentials. Time loses its significance, and the rhythm of the day mirrors the sun's journey. The van provides a minimalistic existence, fostering a direct connection with nature. This adventure-driven lifestyle sparks creativity in problem-solving and cultivates a sense of freedom.
Regarding spending time in your van, I am curious if you usually sleep naked there, and if you enjoy being naked outdoors. How’s your intimate life different in the van versus when you’re at home?
My choice of clothing or nudity often depends on the location where I'll be spending the night. Certain places lend themselves to a more uninhibited approach. Swimming in the sea or sunbathing naked is always enjoyable. Even at home, I'm accustomed to being naked. However, the van environment is typically more public, with more people around, making privacy a consideration. But home is home and can’t be compared to the privacy it provides.
Can you tell us one of your most memorable experiences being naked?
Recently, I embarked on a solo kayak excursion to a secluded beach named "Pachila" on Tenerife's north coast. Arriving there without a soul in sight, I felt an irresistible urge to strip down and stroll along the beach, experiencing a profound sense of isolation in that breathtaking setting. I felt a strong connection in that spectacular place.
The storytelling of your shoot for Yummy 7 looks amazing. That old Landrover is priceless. I've heard it was a tough drive bringing it close to the lake. Could you tell us more about that experience and how fun was that day for you?
The photoshoot with the Land Rover stands as one of my most remarkable experiences. The sight of the vintage Land Rover delighted me, as I have a deep appreciation for classic cars. Little did I expect, this adventure would lead us along the rugged coast of Portugal. Working alongside Sasha, the photographer, we navigated challenging sandy paths and even skirted close to restricted areas. The shoot culminated in a breathtaking sunset. Undoubtedly, this experience ranks among my best, and the outcome was nothing short of exceptional.
It is noticeable you work hard for your body and that you have no problem showing it for a great project like Yummy. How was it to see the final images where you are featured full frontal for the first time and what is the feeling of being the cover of Yummy 7?
Being featured on the cover of Yummy fills me with immense pride. It reflects the years of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. My genetics have fortunately complemented my efforts in maintaining a fit body. With relatively little effort, I've achieved significant results. Modeling requires a comfort level in various situations, and this experience was no different. I felt at ease during the photoshoot, and the result speaks for itself. I would gladly repeat the experience, as the connection between the location, the moment, and Sasha, the photographer, was exceptional.
What does the word “yummy” mean to you? What comes to your mind?
"Yummy" encapsulates a sensory delight that can be savored or appreciated. It symbolizes a deep appreciation for taste, color, scent, touch, and more. This term's meaning can vary based on context, but it invariably carries a positive connotation.
When it comes to intimacy, what’s something you consider crucial during a physical connection with another person?
A physical connection between two individuals should encompass emotional bonds in addition to the physical aspect. While the physical connection is important, emotional resonance plays an even greater role. A harmonious blend of body and soul is crucial for a fulfilling connection. Personally, I place emphasis on energy rather than religious beliefs. If the flow of energy isn't present, the relationship, regardless of its physicality, lacks significance.
How important for it for you to fulfill fantasies, both in the bedroom and in the real world?
I perceive my fantasies as personal challenges, and I tend to achieve whatever I set out to do in life. Visualizing and projecting my aspirations, coupled with a positive mindset, has consistently yielded favorable outcomes. While I may not become disheartened if success eludes me, I derive satisfaction from knowing I gave my best effort.
Lastly, what piece of advice would you give to upcoming models? What’s the most important thing they should know?
My most significant piece of advice is to always have a backup plan for this profession. I emphasize this because the realm of the image is constantly evolving, and today you might be at the peak, but tomorrow someone else could take the spotlight. Given the highly competitive nature of this career, fostering self-confidence becomes paramount.


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The Yummy 7 photo book has a cover on one side, which leads through to the first story, but flip it over, and there is another cover, leading to another first story.

Covers (in no particular order):

      • Giuseppe x Steven Klein
      • Giuseppe x Leon Valentin
      • Juan Betancourt x Oliver Baggerman
      • Daniel Schroeder two images, one front & one back covers
      • Mitch Walker x Kori Sampson

248 pages of creatively photographed uncensored male models.


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