Unveiling Perspectives: A Candid Conversation with Luís Felipe Chiarelli

Unveiling Perspectives: A Candid Conversation with Luís Felipe Chiarelli

In the realm of Yummyzine's 5th edition, we delve into an engaging and candid dialogue with the vivacious Luís Felipe Chiarelli. We uncover the intricacies of Luís' life journey – from his adventurous childhood in a quaint Brazilian town to his thriving existence in the vibrant heart of Dublin, Ireland. Luís offers a glimpse into his transformative experiences, highlighting his profound connection with cultures across the globe. Join us as we explore Luís' captivating perspective on life, his unique take on sensuality and self-confidence, and the profound impact of his travels on both his personal and professional aspirations.

The images are cropped/ made safe for online purposes, full images available inside Yummyzine Issue Three

Photo story by SASHA OLSEN
ADRIAN GOMIS EXPOSITO. Hi Luis! It’s a pleasure chatting with you. How are you doing?
LUIS FELIPE CHIARELLI. The pleasure is all mine. I'm well, thank you. Excited to show everyone the results of our work for this 5th edition of Yummy.
A.G.E. Tell us more about your childhood in a small town in São Paulo, Brazil, and how it was different from your current residence in Dublin, Ireland. What prompted this move and how has it impacted your life?
L.F.C. I grew up in a tiny town in the heart of São Paulo state, surrounded by nature – waterfalls, forests, and the sea. I was a super adventurous kid who couldn't get enough of the outdoors. I was part of the scouting movement from age 7 to 15, and my childhood was all about camping, hiking, and wild activities. When I turned 21, I realized that small-town life no longer suited me, so I moved to the big city. By the time I was 25, even the city felt confining. I had the itch to see the world, and Ireland offered me that chance. So, here I am since 2018, living out that dream.
A.G.E. Traveling seems to be one of your passions, and you are lucky to have a job that allows you to explore different places in Brazil and other countries. How did these experiences contribute to your passion for connecting with the world, and how do you incorporate this passion into your current lifestyle in Ireland?
L.F.C. Brazil is incredibly rich in cultural diversity, with traditions, clothing, cuisine, and ways of life varying significantly from place to place. This curiosity led me to connect with local residents, to understand and glimpse their reality. I've collected beautiful memories and made many friends along the way. The exchange of life experiences and energy with the people I meet on my journey makes me feel fulfilled. Ireland was my gateway to the outside world and is a country that welcomes immigrants from all continents, allowing me to immerse myself in this experience fully. And of course, the ease of travel adds to it.
A.G.E. You mention the gym and immersing yourself in nature as sources of balance in your life. Can you tell us more about how these activities help you reconnect with your inner self and maintain your overall well-being?
L.F.C. The gym is my daily therapy. I put on my headphones and transport myself to another place! During my workouts, I find moments for reflection, decision-making, and focus. It's like I'm taking the reins and regaining control of my life. Here in Ireland, my connection with nature is limited due to the weather. It's often cold and rainy, which significantly affects my mood and energy.
A.G.E. The perfect combination for you seems to be sun, sea, and coconut water. How do these elements resonate with your lifestyle and values, and do they play a role in your daily routines?
L.F.C. Chilling under the sun, listening to the waves crash, and sipping coconut water - these simple pleasures make my days feel carefree. It's like I come alive, and seeing others enjoy the seaside adds to the positive vibes. It's a reminder to keep smiling, even on tougher days.
A.G.E. Believing that joy is contagious is a wonderful perspective. How do you integrate this belief into your interactions with people, whether it's in your personal life or in your professional pursuits?
L.F.C. I believe that smiles and kindness can solve most of my problems. I love receiving smiles from others or simply seeing people smile. It's a game-changer on difficult days. Kindness spreads kindness. It brings people together, builds connections, and truly changes the atmosphere.
A.G.E. Shooting naked outdoors for Yummyzine 5 with Sasha Olsen must have been a pretty exciting experience. What was this experience like for you? How did you feel throughout the shoot?
L.F.C. I felt absolutely wonderful and knew I was exactly where I should be. That was my spot and my moment. Sasha made me feel completely at ease with nudity. I might even dare to say that I feel more comfortable being photographed nude than clothed. I find nudity and the human body beautiful in all its forms, and the surrounding landscape during the photo shoot made me feel even more connected to that moment.
A.G.E. What meaning do you give to the word “yummy”?
L.F.C. Yummy is anything that leaves me craving for more.
A.G.E. Only by looking at your Instagram, I can sense a really powerful energy showing your perfect body without any restraints. What importance do you give to nudity and sexiness?
L.F.C. I view nudity as a way to embrace a free spirit, both physically and mentally. My body tells a story, conveying information and emotions. As I shed each piece of clothing before a photoshoot, I leave behind bits of fear and self-doubt, letting go of concerns about others' opinions and self-criticism. When I'm completely bare, I feel fully ready to be myself.
A.G.E. I’m sure your camera roll has many stunning pics. Do you often take thirst traps and sexy pics, better than what we see on your socials? What’s in your hidden folder?
L.F.C. I really enjoy capturing moments of myself and reviewing the recordings, and I do it frequently. So, yes, I have quite a collection tucked away in my folder, haha.
A.G.E. Anything you put on, from speedos to crop tops, and short shorts, look insanely good. What makes you feel sexy and what turns you on?
L.F.C. I'm entirely confident and comfortable in my own skin, and perhaps that confidence comes through, although I wouldn't necessarily label myself as "sexy." I'm drawn to those who meet my gaze; it's a turn-on for me.
A.G.E. Would you say sex is an important part of your life? Do you think Brazilians do it better?
L.F.C. I wouldn't say that Brazilians do it better, but we certainly do it differently haha. For us, physical touch, eye contact, and energy exchange are essential elements of sex. That's what heats things up for us.
A.G.E. How do you maintain an interesting relationship in terms of sex? Do you have any cool stories or sexual experiences with your partner?
L.F.C. We're quite curious and adventurous in that regard. We're on the same page when it comes to sex, and that makes a big difference. My pleasure is intertwined with his, and this partnership allows us to explore a variety of experiences together.
A.G.E. Name the most interesting or strange place you ever had sex in and what was the experience like.
L.F.C. Once, returning from a trip, my boyfriend picked me up from the airport, and we had sex on the highway, on our way back home. The funny part was that there was a truck that stopped to watch. I loved it, haha.
A.G.E. Your passion for exploring new places and connecting with people is evident. How do you see these interests influencing your future endeavours and aspirations, both personally and professionally?
L.F.C. Of all the places I've visited, Spain truly captured my heart and felt like home. My future plans are pointing me in that direction until I can establish it as my base. This personal fulfilment will undoubtedly shape my professional journey as well.

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