YUMMYZINE | ISSUE SEVEN (8437096317178)
YUMMYZINE | ISSUE SEVEN (8437096317178)
YUMMYZINE | ISSUE SEVEN (8437096317178)
YUMMYZINE | ISSUE SEVEN (8437096317178)
YUMMYZINE | ISSUE SEVEN (8437096317178)



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YUMMYZINE ISSUE 7 -  waitlist is open. 

Yummyzine is our more rebellious little brother to our flag ship photo book Yummy, it's smaller size makes it more affordable, but always, with unique, exclusive photo stories you have come love and expect from a Yummyzine.

Yummyzine is a photographic magazine for all those who love a 'yummy' man!
  • 220 page +
  • thicker glossy paper
  • A regular-sized Magazine
  • 300 x 230mm x 11.2mm (portrait)
  • Same quality content as Yummy
  • Many Beautiful models
  • Know Models and some new faces
  • Leading global Photographers
  • Shipping Worldwide
  • Low-key, discrete packaging

A reminder if you buy Yummyzine on the waitlist it secures your shipping slot and a special price. Also, note that Yummyzine Seven will be printed late summer 2024 .

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  • Yummyzine Issue Seven will increase in price to £57 once the waitlist closes.


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*a note on prices, we do our very best to keep the prices down, there has been a worldwide card and paper shortage which has driven costs up. Yummyzine printing costs have increased by 120% since we printed last in the Autumn. We have just increased the cost of the magazine to you by a much smaller amount, we thank you for your understanding. Also note that timings are approximate, production has some dependant forces, designing, paper availability and available print slots. Printing can take between 14 days and 30 days.



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