YUMMY | ONE (7438118912250)
YUMMY | ONE (7438118912250)
YUMMY | ONE (7438118912250)
YUMMY | ONE (7438118912250)
YUMMY | ONE (7438118912250)
YUMMY | ONE (7438118912250)
YUMMY | ONE (7438118912250)
YUMMY | ONE (7438118912250)
YUMMY | ONE (7438118912250)
YUMMY | ONE (7438118912250)
YUMMY | ONE (7438118912250)
YUMMY | ONE (7438118912250)



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Yummy ISSUE ONE - In Stock!

A magazine dedicated to male nude photography* available to order again now.


This reprint is now in the same format and finish as issues Yummy Three. Due to the limited print run, the price is high (sorry!)

Yummy Issue ONE 
Cover star: Elliot Meeten photographed by Bartek Szmigulski 

  • 78 pages 
  • 21 Models *Censored Nudes
  • Large Format Magazine - same as Yummy Two & Three
  • Thick and heavy
  • Shipping worldwide
  • Low-key, discrete packaging
  • FAST Shipping - once the pre-order is filled
  • FREE poster and postcard.

*Censored. Our first issue of the magazine doesn't show fully naked models, front, and back. All our subsequent issues are fully nude.

Yummy Issue one originally shipped in June 2020 and now is back open to order for immediate delivery.

Photographers and Models:

Photographer Bartek Szmigulski
Elliot Meeten (cover star)
Connor Minney
Declan McKenna
Ignacio Ondategui
William F. Goodge
Julian Morris
Danny Blake

Photographer Karen Schröder
Model Dusty Lachowicz

Photographer Doug Inglish
Model Jacob Files

Photographer Markus Rico
Model Javi Bloemen

Photographer Djimi Williams
Model Vincent Forite

Photographer  Tanguy Onakoy
Model Ismael Isaac

Photographer  Christian Oita
Nil Roma
Jared Celma

Photographer Karl Simone
Model Tera Ab Feaster

Photographer Benjamin Chabanon
Matt McMahon
August Gonet

Photographer Hubert-Pierre Pouches
Model Hogan Swiecki-Taylor

Photographer Jeff Segenreich
Model Luiz Felipe Altenfelder

Photographer Gregory Vaughan
Model Lucas Garcez

Image previews

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