Interview with Yummy Star Ethan O’Pry

Name: Ethan O’Pry
Age: 28
Location: Hungary, Budapest
Instagram Handle: @ethanopry
represented by @wammodels


Joshua Cummings @iamjoshuacummings & Ethan O’Pry @ethanopry inside Yummyzine Issue Four. Photographed by the art/ fashion genious Steven Klein.

Ethan O’Pry represented by @wammodels Joshua Cummings represented by @soulartistmgmt StylisT Emilio Tamez @3miliotamez Hair Didier @bartpumpkin Hair Assistant Kelli Hoff @kellihoff Makeup Scott McMahan @scottmcmahangrooming Photo Assistants Dean Dodos & William Takahashi Producer Chris Cassetti @chriscassetti

Define the word 'Yummy'?
I think it can be something juicy, nice, or delicious.

What's the Yummiest thing about you?
I am committed to sports and I stay motivated 365 days a year.

What's the Yummiest thing about the person you care most about?
She is just a yummiest soul for me.

What's your workout routine? Break it down for us?
Even if I just work out my upper body, my warm up is 15-20 minutes of running and then 10 minutes of stretching. Then, I go for pull ups and bench presses and so on.


When do you feel your sexiest?
When I can keep my sleep routine and biorhythm. And, when I do not stay awake at nighttime.

What's one thing you'd never eat?
Because I am a vegan, I would definitely eat meat.

Craziest DM you've ever received? What did it say?
It was something like “act like I am tortured”. I haven’t got the faintest idea who wants see others getting tortured….even if it’s just an act or fantasy.

What does the word 'sex' mean to you?
It’s the physical form and appearance of love.

What's your fantasy?
To survive as long as I can.

What's in your bedside table? Come on, tell us.
There are condoms, socks and a magazine about houses.

Ever got caught in the act? If so, where? How?
In the forest, in nature and even in bed by friends.

If I were to look at your 'hidden' camera roll, what would I find?
Lot of nudes and XXX stuff.

What's your Yummiest skill?
I am quite flexible.

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