Tanguy Le Clerc  tells Yummy all about his origins and his passions, his career, how are the best parties in Monaco, the crazy story of how he became a go-go dancer and other interesting stories.

Tanguy Le Clerc tells Yummy all about his origins and his passions, his career, how are the best parties in Monaco, the crazy story of how he became a go-go dancer and other interesting stories.

The determination and passion of Tanguy Le Clerc, a 28-year-old personal trainer living and working in Monaco, have enabled him to achieve his goals and live his dreams while thriving through personal development. His lifestyle was drastically changed due to his concern for animal well-being, nature, and environmental issues as well as by the switch he did regarding his career path to pursue his passion for fitness.

Tanguy tells us all about his origins and his passions, touching on meaningful and fun topics like how are the best parties in Monaco and the south of France, the crazy story of how he became a go-go dancer when he was younger, and other interesting stories. He also lets us glimpse into his yummiest side and closes the conversation by sending a deep and very important message to the world.

Photo story by Sasha Olsen interviewed by Adrian Gomis Exposito

The images is cropped/ made safe for online purposes, full images available inside Yummyzine Issue 2

Hello Tanguy, it’s a pleasure chatting with you! Could you please introduce yourself real quick?

My name is Tanguy Le Clerc, I'm a passionate person thriving through personal development, whether it be physical or intellectual, beauty and intensity. I am 28 years old, and I live and work in Monaco where I share my passion for self-betterment through my work!

You’re a personal trainer, which obviously is shown by your perfect body, but I’ve heard your family expected you to be a veterinarian. How did your fitness career begin and why didn’t you become a veterinarian?

My parents taught me to love sports at a really young age through horse riding, skiing, and swimming, but my hyperactivity disorder and the sensation of being different from other kids pushed me to train seriously by myself when I was 11. At 14, I was giving my friends training advice and I started coaching them at 16. Though I loved animals and really wanted to work with them, it quickly became evident after my internship in a veterinary clinic that the reality of the job wasn't what I expected, seeing animals' distress was maybe too painful for me. Then I enrolled in a biological sciences degree but my call for physical activity was too strong. After 6 months of simulating a student's life for my mother, while I was really living the bodybuilding life during my university time and getting bigger each day, she accepted to let me go my own way.

With your experience in fitness, I’m sure you have the best workout and diet plan that make you look as good as you do. Can you share some of those routines or tricks with us? What would be your best advice?

Don't use training to lose fat, it's a stimulus for muscular and neurological adaptations, use it to build muscle or improve your performance. If you want to lose fat, create a caloric deficit while increasing your protein intake to prevent muscle loss. When it comes to overall muscle gain, go heavy on compound movements focused on the burn, and the pump. If you want to burn fat, remove carbs from your diet and keep some fruits. If you want to gain mass, add more carbs to your diet, but never neglect your daily protein and fiber intake. Move a lot, try different things, don't shy away from the daily and spontaneous effort, and challenge yourself physically by keeping it fun, you'll take possession of your body and teach your hard-gained muscles to move through different patterns. Remember, it's all about beauty and freedom, enjoy the movement and you'll be surprised by how your body reacts.

I was told you’re very concerned about animal well-being, nature, and our environment, and that you have a conscious lifestyle regarding this matter, eating healthy, avoiding traveling by plane, and other actions. Why did you adopt this way of living and why do you think it’s important we all do the same to make the world a better place?

We can no longer ignore the situation we are all in. We may gaze at the stars to look for another home planet, but the one we actually live in can't withstand our way of life any longer. It's not a fear-mongering claim, it's science. So even if for some is meaningless, I'd rather act positively than do nothing and be part of the worst. My life hasn't changed that much, I have more time on the train to work on my computer than running around from a car to a plane to another car, so I end up having more time for work. And removing meat from my diet has only bettered my physique and my energy levels, so I guess it's a full win. Again, we are looking at the stars to find paradise when it could be under our feet. Trust yourself and your actions, you do have the power to change things.

Monaco and the south of France can be the stage of the craziest parties. As a bon vivant, I’m sure you love a good one! How’s the perfect party for you?

A nice before-the-party with good friends and a few cocktails, a huge electro music party starting in the middle of the afternoon with different closed and open-air stages with different people and music styles, and then a nice after pool-party in a villa in which you can discuss and interact with your friends and people you just met with a nice and chill background music.

Indeed, you worked as a go-go dancer for a while when you were younger. How did that happen and how were those years? How did you feel when you had to strip in front of a crowd if you ever did?

At that time I was a 19-year-old kid working as a model in Hollister, I got into a student party, pretty drunk, in a huge nightclub in Nice. There was a shower-like cage on top of a scene on the dancefloor in the middle of the club. There was a female stripper dancing with a guy, and my friends told me I wouldn't have the guts to climb in, and I did – not before the nightclub's boss told me I could go in fully naked only. A few seconds later, the other guy left and I was in, wearing only socks and a gorgeous stripper to cover my nudity. After that I had a job as a host for student parties at which I had to take pictures with the people who wanted to during the night, most of the time with my pants on though.

You have shot with some good photographers in France, and you surely enjoy being a model. How did you decide to put your good looks in front of a lens for the first time? How has it been so far?

I've always been keen to show my body, pretty spontaneously to be honest. My best friend tells me it's not surprising I've ended up doing that as I am, in her own words, an exhibitionist. So naturally, when the opportunity to immortalize my work through the lens came, I was in. So far it has been such a fun way to get confident, and to give me a more objective point of view on my physique, allowing me to improve it even further.

Was this shoot for Yummy the first time you shot fully naked? How was the experience of shooting with Sasha Olsen?

In fact, I did a fully naked photo shoot a week before this one to prepare myself psychologically. With Fred Goudon, one of the main photographers of the famous Les Dieux du Stade, a french calendar. The experience with Sasha Olsen was really fun though. Thanks to his professionalism and his simplicity, I had absolutely no problem exposing myself in front of his camera.

Now that we have approached the nudity topic, I’m going to spice up the conversation. Firstly, what comes to your mind when you think about the word yummy?

Yummy obviously means tasty, but to me, it means something appealing to the senses. With that in mind, I tried to transmit this idea through my work with Sasha. I want Yummy's readers to be pleased by what their senses bring to them.

You have a great following, so I’m sure you receive a lot of DMs on a daily basis. Which has been the craziest one you’ve ever received?

I received propositions of buying my dirty underwear, and by dirty I mean really dirty. A person asked me if I was ticklish too and if I could make a list of my tickle spots. I'm not ticklish okay, don't try me. I am not. Don't, please.

Can you tell us about one of your hottest and craziest experiences?

I was once offered as a birthday gift for the 30-year anniversary of a Russian woman. Needless to say, it was quite a surprise for her, but for me too as it was totally improvised.

What turns you on the most about another person?

The ass. Just kidding, it's all about confidence: knowing how to present and move a nice body with a confident gaze and a bright smile is pretty much the best way to get my attention. Having a good ass helps too though.

Do you think sex is the most important thing when meeting someone new and starting a relationship? Do you have any sexual fantasies?

Sex is one of the key components of a good relationship, but it's absolutely not everything. If I'm not stimulated by a good discussion after an orgasm, I'm not with the right partner. I'm quite a simple man when it comes to sex: intensity and alchemy is my fantasy. But a good oily massage never hurt anybody I guess.

Are you the type of guy who enjoys taking nudes? If we scrolled through your phone’s photos, what would we find?

More than taking it, it's getting the feedback from a nude that I enjoy the most. You gotta give to receive, even more, when talking about enjoyment. I think you'd find more of my dog's pictures than anything else on my phone though, she's just so cute.

To finish the interview, what is your biggest goal in life, and which would be the best advice you could give to someone?

I want to share my philosophy, and my knowledge in fitness, nutrition, and mental training with the biggest audience possible. I want to give and receive reflection on a huge scale. You truly are who you think you are, give yourself the power to act, to change your reality. Trust your actions and your ability to strive through hardship. Don't shy away from difficulty, you'll find yourself by overcoming whatever is in front of you. It will be hard, but you have the power. Never forget that you are the way the universe has found to experience itself. Live fully, live freely, you are unique, and that's your best gift to society. Dream big, test yourself, trust yourself, build yourself, in this order, and repeat. Show us what you got! Let's go!

Yummyzine Issue 2

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Photographed by Sasha Olsen exclusively for Yummy Issue Six
Interview by Adrian Gomis Exposito (AGE)

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