Seeing nature as an extension of his own spirit and body, Shamu Azizam tells Yummy about the ritual of being fully naked in nature and plans the hottest night of his life

Seeing nature as an extension of his own spirit and body, Shamu Azizam tells Yummy about the ritual of being fully naked in nature and plans the hottest night of his life

Yummy has a lovely conversation with Shamu Azizam, who has unconditional love and a strong connection with nature. Seeing it as an extension of his own spirit and body, Shamu tells Yummy all about the relevance mother nature has for him and how he loves the ritual of being fully naked in nature, and the vulnerability he feels during those moments but which he still loves. Together with Sasha Olsen, they went on a hike to the French Alps near Mont Blanc to shoot this marvelous story for Yummyzine 2. He also spoke about the importance of sex for him as well as how he would plan the sexiest and hottest night of his life.

Photostory by Sasha Olsen interview by Adrian Gomis Exposito

The images is cropped/ made safe for online purposes, full images available inside Yummyzine Issue 2

Hello Shamu! A pleasure to meet you. Could you introduce yourself quickly, please? Something that might make us know you better.

Hi there! My name is Shamu. The thing I love the most is nature and her ability to adapt. It teaches me how to embrace the struggles of life.

Are you a full-time model or do you work in any other field? Tell us about your professional career.

I am a part-time model at the moment but very excited to partake in more opportunities. My profession is in the arts and I paint digitally.

From what I see, I believe you have a great appreciation for nature. What’s your connection with it and is it so important for you?

I see nature as an extension of my own spirit and body. It calms my mind with certainty and teaches my body a simplicity offered by the vast rendering of her detailed patterns and colors.

Not only that, but you also seem to enjoy spending time fully naked in the wild nature a lot. Do you feel connected with nature when you do that or what motivates you to do it?

Of course! It’s a freedom like no other. I do proceed with caution because bare skin in nature can feel quite vulnerable. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to this kind of ceremony. There is risk and reward.

You shot a wonderful series of photographs with Sasha Olsen for Yummy. How was that experience? Did you have a great time?

It was wonderful! The French Alps near Mont Blanc is where we shot. We traversed across rivers and dramatic mountain slopes. It’s a humbling place but very exciting. Everything held such enormous size and beauty. I had no problem stripping down and running around in these circumstances.

I would really love to know about your approach to nudity. What does it mean to you to be able to be fully naked outdoors? Does it have a spiritual reason too?

We hold so much comfort and ego with what we wear. Nudity isn’t for everyone. I can get very shy sometimes. The desert, forest, beach, and mountains all hold freedom. My spirit soars when I’m alone out there.

You’re also a really good content creator. When did you start your OnlyFans platform and what pushed you to do it? How did your life change from then on?

In the year 2020, I opened my OnlyFans. I was living in the Mojave Desert at the time and my backyard had these beautiful rocks. It made complete sense during this quarantine era to create content outside and in nature.

With such platforms as OnlyFans, x-rated content is even more accessible to anyone, both from the creator's and the consumer’s view. How do you feel about the increasing popularity of these platforms, knowing that now everyone has one, and the impact that has on people’s lives?

I think it’s huge that people can express their sexualities safely and get paid at the same time. I encourage this kind of expression with the hopes that people learn more ways of self-love and easy safe earnings.

I’m sure you’re very open-minded, so I would like to ask you a few yummy questions. To start with, what does the word yummy mean to you, in the wide sense of the word, and the multiple interpretations it can have?

I suppose the word yummy has to do with a positive, even sensual take on a person's appetite.

Having mentioned being naked outdoors, I am curious about how you plan to film content outdoors. Do you plan the locations you wanna shoot in or is just sort of happens at the moment?

It can be a bit of both planning and random. The locations are usually planned, but whatever happens there is usually a random factor.

How important is sex in your life and how important do you think it is in everyone’s lives? In general, how important is sex in our society from your point of view?

I love sex. The thrills and sensations. I feel it’s moderately important, to be honest. Society’s sexual push is definitely overbearing and creates a lackluster feel. I want sex to be explored and uplifting.

You’ve probably had tons of wonderful sexual experiences in random places. Could you name the craziest or most special one for you, what happened and why did you choose it?

Probably the night of the meteor shower in the desert. It was nearly August when the nights are very warm and we were sleeping in the back of his truck. It was definitely the most memorable and sexiest experience I’ve ever lived.

What turns you on? Do you have any fetishes or kinks or any sexual fantasies you haven’t made real yet?

I’m most turned on by a man’s confidence and kindness. Honestly, I would love to visit an erupting volcano, at a safe distance of course, and have it as the background for lovemaking.

If you were to plan the sexiest and hottest night of your life to have the best sex experience of your entire life, what would it look like? What couldn’t be missed that night?

A million fireflies and floating lanterns surround a twilight forest bed made of silk and moss. I lay waiting to watch a red moon creep into the night sky. Eerie echoes of lonely howling fill my ears as a band of giant werewolves descend from the dark woods, hungry with a lust for blood. I am devoured.

To conclude, tell us about your personal and professional ambitions and what you wish to accomplish in the near future.

I hope to continue my modeling and landscape photography by traveling more and incorporating dance and movement into my work.

Yummyzine Issue 2

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Photographed by Sasha Olsen exclusively for Yummyzine Issue 2
Interview by Adrian Gomis Exposito (AGE)

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