Levy van Wilgen: From Adult Content Creation to Entrepreneurship and Beyond

Levy van Wilgen: From Adult Content Creation to Entrepreneurship and Beyond

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In a captivating, insightful and unique interview, we sit down with Levy van Wilgen, the multifaceted entrepreneur, and soon-retiring adult content creator, to delve into the diverse chapters of his life and career. Levy, known for his captivating presence in the adult industry, has successfully transitioned into the world of entrepreneurship, particularly in the fashion industry. In this engaging conversation, we explore Levy's journey, his thriving underwear brand LVW, and his reflections on the past, present, and future. Beyond the headlines, we get to know the person behind the public image, uncovering his thoughts on passion, creativity, and the evolving dynamics of sensuality in modern society. Meet the fascinating Levy van Wilgen, who poses for the cover of Yummy 8.

Photo story by sasha olsen, interview by Adrian Gomis Exposito

The images are cropped / made safe for online purposes, full images available inside Yummy Issue Eight

ADRIAN GOMIS EXPOSITO. Hi Levy, it's a pleasure to have you here at Yummy 8! How are you feeling today?
LEVY VAN WILGEN. I’m feeling great, thank you. It was a pleasure to work for Yummy.
A.G.E. You’re from Holland, the Netherlands. Could you tell us more about your roots, your hometown, and your upbringing? What has made you who you are today?
L.V.W. I'm 26 years old, and I'm 25% Indonesian from my mother’s side. I was raised in a more traditional way with a lot of discipline. I was a professional soccer player from the age of 8 to 13, so I've always been into sports and training. This period of my life really shaped the person I am today, emphasizing the importance of effort, hard work, and discipline if you want to achieve a specific goal. It taught me that nothing comes easy in life, and I learned this at a young age.
A.G.E. Professionally, you’re a full-time entrepreneur with your own successful underwear brand and other ventures. What motivates you to keep evolving as an entrepreneur? Are you satisfied with your current lifestyle?

L.V.W. Yes, that's right! At the moment, I'm driven by ambition. I'm someone who always needs a goal to work towards. I can't be happy and satisfied in my life if I'm bored and just chilling. Finding the right balance between taking time off and working is a challenge for me. However, I believe that if you want to be successful in something, you need to be obsessed with your business. This drive to succeed can come with some negative effects, such as never truly feeling satisfied and rarely feeling proud of yourself, which isn't always a good thing. Balancing work and life is challenging, but I think it's almost impossible to master both completely.

A.G.E. Can you describe a typical day in your life? Do you present yourself the same way online as you do in person, or do you adopt a persona for work, especially on social media?

L.V.W. I'm a good sleeper, so I don't wake up extremely early, usually around 8 am. I like to have a routine to be more productive. First, I grab a coffee, as I don't eat in the morning because I'm sharper when I'm fasting. Before I head to the office, I walk my dogs for 10-15 minutes. Then, I work in the office for my brand, which includes packing orders, replying to emails, and financial tasks. After that, I get a workout in; my gym is in my office, so it's convenient. Following my gym session, I have my first meal and then start working on my social media for the night.

I'm far from the person I portray on social media. I've always believed that social media is a business, and as long as you treat it as such and don't mix it up with your personal life, you'll be fine. Of course, this is easier said than done, but I mostly see my social media as strictly work. It doesn't mean I'm faking everything on social media, but in real life, there's much more depth to me as a person, and I think that's the case for everyone who is active on social media.
A.G.E. You gained a significant following for your work as an adult content creator, which elevated your profile worldwide. What led you to start in the adult content creation industry? What attracted you the most to it?

L.V.W. I started as an adult content creator six years ago. At the time, I was working as a personal trainer, and a close source from OnlyFans asked me to open an account. I thought, "Why not?" So, I created an account but didn't use it for a year. However, by the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, I received numerous DMs from followers asking if I had an OnlyFans page and suggesting that I should create one. That was a turning point, and I started taking OnlyFans more seriously because the demand from my followers was significant.

This was before OnlyFans exploded in popularity; at the time, there were only around 1,000 creators, and it was mainly popular in the gay scene. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, OnlyFans became even more popular, but I had already been active on the platform for two years, giving me a head start.
A.G.E. You introduced your own adult content creation platform to the market, showcasing your work. What motivated this move, and how does it feel to be at the helm of this project?

L.V.W. Yes, I had a head start on OnlyFans because I was a creator in its early stages, which gave me a great opportunity to become successful on the platform. After a few years of being one of the biggest male creators on OnlyFans, they deleted my profile when I appeared in a TV documentary in the Netherlands. I was very shocked and disappointed by this, as I lost a significant source of income.

I'm an optimistic person, and I always try to make the best out of difficult situations. So, I started thinking about how to ensure this never happened again. I didn't want to rely on a third party anymore, which led to the idea of creating my own platform called F2F (Friends 2 Follow). I collaborated with Sepanta, a fellow friend and OnlyFans creator, and we pooled our knowledge and experience, assembling a large team to bring this idea to life. To this day, F2F has been very successful and recently won an award for the fastest-growing adult platform in Europe.

A.G.E. Now, with greater autonomy as your own boss and platform owner, how have these changes influenced your personal and professional life?

L.V.W. These changes have had a positive impact on my life. Losing my OnlyFans profile was a humbling experience. At that time, I was very successful on OnlyFans, but I had become a bit complacent in terms of content production. This incident put me under immense pressure to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. When you lose your main source of income, you're pushed to take more risks that you wouldn't normally take. I started F2F, invested in other businesses, and began taking my brand much more seriously.

A.G.E. I'm quite intrigued by your clothing brand LVW and wanted to take a moment to talk about it, which began primarily as an underwear line and has since expanded its offerings. It's evident that behind the impressive designs lies immense dedication and hard work. Could you walk us through the genesis of this idea and how it has matured to its current form?

L.V.W. LVW started as merchandise for my fans during the peak of my OnlyFans career. I received numerous requests from followers asking if I would ever sell my underwear, so I decided to create a full collection of underwear with my name on it. Interestingly, I initially began my Instagram journey as a fashion influencer, and I've always had a strong interest in fashion. I received many inquiries about my outfits, styling, and fashion choices, so I thought it would be a great idea to create my own brand.

LVW began as "LevyUnderwear" in January 2020. The first line was produced in China, but I had concerns about the quality. Despite these concerns, I made an effort to ensure it was a good product, and surprisingly, my fans loved the designs and quality. Unfortunately, I faced setbacks when Levi Strauss sued me for using the name "LEVY," which is my original first name. After a lengthy legal process and considerable expense, I decided to rebrand as LVW (Levy Van Wilgen) and shifted my manufacturing to Portugal. I took the opportunity to study the technical aspects of undergarments and expand the collection with various fits and models. Since then, I've launched five collections, all of which have received great feedback from customers. LVW is growing rapidly and becoming an international brand.

A.G.E. Do you have a particular product in LVW that stands out as the best seller or the hallmark of your brand? Is there a specific item that you believe resonates most with your customers and has become, or will become, a timeless classic for your brand?

L.V.W. From Collection 1 to Collection 5, I've consistently used polyamide, also known as microfiber. It's an incredibly soft fabric that feels like a second skin and is much softer than cotton. This underwear has always been the most comfortable for me. I took inspiration from Nike for this particular fabric, as they use it extensively. It's somewhat tight but offers a lot of stretch, making it suitable for various body shapes. I refer to this collection as the "signature collection" because it features the best-selling LVW monogram waistband paired with the polyamide fabric. Every new collection I release includes this line but with different colours each time. It's definitely a timeless product, and this underwear is very durable and long-lasting.

A.G.E. What are your visions for LVW's future trajectory? Can you give us a sneak peek into any exciting surprises or developments in store for your brand?

L.V.W. I have plans to release a very special collection later this year, in December, to coincide with my birthday. It will be a premium collection under my full name, Levy Van Wilgen, and will have a completely different design. More importantly, it will be a limited, one-time drop for my most loyal fans and will include content material along with the products. I will share more information soon.
A.G.E. Will you continue to produce adult content in the foreseeable future, or do you anticipate a shift in focus exclusively to other ventures like LVW and exploring new business opportunities?

L.V.W. I have already announced my retirement from producing adult content, although I haven't set a specific date for it. It will definitely be before the end of 2024. I believe it's important to retire at the right moment, not too early and not too late. I want to provide my fans with value for their money, and I like to do something with 100% passion. Currently, my focus is divided among multiple businesses, and I can't fully commit myself to producing adult content anymore. I want to give my fans the best, and for me, passionate content is the best content. I still upload new content, but not daily like I used to because I have other significant developments in my life. I think it's normal for a person to evolve, and it wouldn't be healthy to stay in one place forever. For me, it's crucial to reach my fullest potential, and adult content is no longer where I find that fulfilment.

A.G.E. Having gained insights into your entrepreneurial side, let's pivot to another facet of your career. I'm keen to explore your journey with Yummy, your modelling experiences, and particularly, how it felt to be on the cover of such a prominent magazine. Can you share your experience in shooting with Sasha Olsen and tell us about some behind-the-scenes special or funny moments?

L.V.W. I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot with Yummy; it was the first magazine shoot I've done and probably the last one. Normally, I don't accept many requests for modelling or other projects, as the adult industry allows for a source of income with independence and control. However, Yummy is a very artistic magazine that portrays its subjects beautifully and naturally. I've known Sasha Olsen for a while, and we had previously done a shoot in 2020, as well as collaborated on LVW. This established a natural chemistry between us, and Sasha's photography is outstanding.

During the Yummy shoot, I was on an extremely strict diet and hadn't consumed water or regular food for about 30 hours, so I was a bit grumpy during the shoot. However, Sasha handled it perfectly, and we got some great shots.

A.G.E. I imagine posing fully nude came naturally for you, and you looked amazing and comfortable in those photos. Did you stick to a specific diet or fitness routine for this shoot that you can share with us?

L.V.W. For me, posing nude is easier than taking a family picture; it might sound strange, but that's how it is. When you become comfortable with something, it feels like a normal job, whereas taking a spontaneous, clothed picture can actually feel more awkward.

A.G.E. As you touched upon earlier, you see this shoot as a potential farewell to adult content creation, aiming to exit on a high note and a big cover. What influenced you to feel that now was the right moment for such a decision?

L.V.W. Yes, I view this shoot as an early goodbye to the adult industry. I believe many people were waiting for this because, as I mentioned earlier, I had never done anything like this before. Shooting for a nude magazine or something similar was something I felt I couldn't leave the industry without doing. However, I want to clarify that I'm not retired just yet.

A.G.E. Given that you're multi-talented and undeniably beautiful, have you had any experience with professional modelling in the past? Are there any experiences from the modelling industry you'd like to share with us?

L.V.W. I'm flattered by the compliment! I have been approached several times by agencies and modelling jobs over the years. However, my interests do not align with professional modelling, and I'm actually considered too short for it. I'm only 5'8", and to be a professional catwalk or fashion model, you typically need to be at least 6'1". Interestingly, many people think I'm much taller based on my pictures, but I guess I just know my angles. I have some friends who work as professional models, and it's often underpaid work; many models end up in debt. While it's good for boosting confidence and status, it doesn't always pay the bills. I find commercial modelling work more interesting, and I have experience in that area.
A.G.E. To wrap up this topic, I want to touch on a somewhat controversial issue. Being someone not originally connected to fashion but who eventually became one of the most influential adult content creators in that industry, you may have noticed that fashion and sexuality often intertwine, with fashion frequently incorporating elements of eroticism. Yet, fashion models involved in adult content creation might be at odds with agencies or clients who view it negatively. Why do you think such a stigma persists, and do you foresee a change in this mindset in the future?

L.V.W. In my opinion, there's a lot of hypocrisy and double standards at play in this situation. If a fashion model decides to start OnlyFans and shares nude content, most agencies would distance themselves from that model, potentially boycotting them or refusing to associate with them. However, if that same model is required to pose nude for an agency or brand, it's considered acceptable. There is a distinction made between porn and artistic nudity, but there is still a stigma attached to both.

People are naturally curious about sex and sexual topics, and this has always been the case. It's a normal and beautiful aspect of life. However, there remains a stigma associated with it. I believe and hope that this stigma will gradually fade away. I've already noticed that it's becoming more common and accepted for creators to start an adult page while also holding a regular job. I think it's a positive development that allows people to be their own bosses and set their own rules, without anyone forcing them. The porn industry has been positively influenced by these adult platforms, and I believe this trend will continue.

A.G.E. Now, we're diving into the spiciest section of our interview, where I have some 'yummy' questions for you. To kick it off, how would you define the word 'yummy'?

L.V.W. For me, the word 'yummy' brings to mind three things: the song, food, and sexual activities.

A.G.E. In your opinion, what elements are crucial for producing really hot content? Are there certain poses, attitudes, or gestures that you believe stand out as particularly enticing on camera? What do your followers seem to appreciate the most?

L.V.W. I think the most critical aspect of creating enticing content, which many people tend to overlook, is "teasing." Teasing is a key element of making good content. The reason many people are successful in this industry is because they are excellent at teasing their audience. It's like imagining the hottest person you know and the fantasies you have about them. Those fantasies make the content appealing because it gives viewers the hope of seeing those fantasies become reality. When fantasies become reality, they often become less exciting. The allure of something forbidden or unattainable can be incredibly enticing. When people can't have something, they crave it, and if you can evoke that feeling through your content, you'll be successful. People re-subscribe because they hope those fantasies might become a reality someday.

A.G.E. Reality and fiction are sometimes hard to differentiate. How passionate are you in real life? Do you behave off-camera as you do while filming, or what main differences do you identify in both settings?

L.V.W. Off-camera, I'm more reserved and introverted. In my personal life, I'm very selective about my sexual partners, and I don't engage in one-night stands. While this might sound surprising given my profession, I consider sex to be something special and intimate, which I only share with someone I truly love. I find passionate sex to be the best kind, and it's much more intense than casual encounters driven purely by lust.

A.G.E. As we come to the end of our conversation, based on all that we've discussed, what's the most significant piece of advice or life lesson you'd like to share with us?

L.V.W. I'd like to emphasize the importance of taking risks and making mistakes. These two elements are essential for personal growth. It's crucial to take responsibility for your actions and not place blame on others. By relying on yourself, learning from your mistakes, and being unafraid to take risks, you'll unlock incredible opportunities for personal growth and development in various aspects of life.



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Like other models, Levy often falls into that trap of not smiling in photos, but he’s got a fantastic smile, and nothing’s sexier than a nude man smiling!

Like other models, Levy often falls into that trap of not smiling in photos, but he’s got a fantastic smile, and nothing’s sexier than a nude man smiling!

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