professional football player and model Joël Conceição tells Yummy all about his origins, his passion for football, and his take on intimacy and sexiness

professional football player and model Joël Conceição tells Yummy all about his origins, his passion for football, and his take on intimacy and sexiness

Born and raised between France and Portugal, professional football player and model Joël Conceição tells Yummy all about his origin, his upbringing, his passion for football, and the origin of that passion, as well as how his career has been changing constantly. We also asked him about his take on intimacy, sexiness, and other yummy topics!

Photo story by Sasha Olsen interviewed by Adrian Gomis Exposito

The images are cropped/ made safe for online purposes, full images available inside Yummyzine Issue Three

Hi Joël, it’s a pleasure meeting you! To start, could you briefly tell us about yourself, please?


My name is Joel Conceiçao, I'm 27 years old, and I'm a football player and model. I'm a super fun guy who likes to live and enjoy life to the fullest in a positive way.


I believe you were born in France but you have Portuguese roots and moved to Portugal. How do your heritage and these two cultures shape you and how did they influence your upbringing?


I was born and raised in France until I was 8 years old. In 2004 my parents went back to Portugal and I grew up there until I was 22. However, an opportunity surfaced to return to play in my native country. The clash between the two cultures doesn't really have a big impact other than the weather, the beach, and the people. Even so, I don't think that any of them affected the way I am because I adapt easily to situations.


You are a professional football player. Where does that passion come from? What’s your earliest memory of playing football?


This passion started when I was 4 years old when my father took me to play soccer on the soccer field near our house every Sunday morning. Since then I had the feeling that I was born to compete.


What is football to you? Does it hold a special place in your heart and in your life? Tell us about this.


For me football is everything, it's an inexplicable feeling. I feel happy and free doing what I love most. I've been playing this sport for more than 20 years. So yes, it has a special place in my heart.

You began working in the fashion industry at the age of 16 when you did fashion shows and beauty contests. What motivated you to start in this industry and what made you stand out from the rest of the models? What did you find appealing about this industry?


I love fashion. I was lucky enough to be approached on the street to participate in a beauty contest which I won, which gave me visibility to do future work and gradually enter this world, an industry in which I have always been interested in modeling, doing shoots, and meeting new people.


With your stunning physical appearance and considering you’re a model and football player, I would love to know about your routines to look as good as you do. Could you walk us through your daily routines?


Determination and discipline are words that were always very present in my life, which made me create well-defined daily habits such as food, rest, and of course, training. For me, they are the main bases of high performance, so my daily routine is based a lot on that, in the long run!


How did you manage to mix your modeling jobs with football? Was it easy to do both at the same time?


It wasn't easy at all, as I would have to miss training sessions to be present at castings, or to work... I had to choose.


I believe you’ve left fashion in the background a bit due to the impossibility of doing both at a time. How would you like to be more involved in the modeling and fashion industry and how do you plan to do so?


Yes, unfortunately, I had to leave it behind to focus 100% on football. At the moment, I feel that I have more availability since most of the day is free, who knows if an opportunity will arise in the near future... But as in football, we have to be in the right place at the right time.


You shot a marvelous story for Yummy. How was the experience? Was this your first-ever experience of this kind?


Thank you very much! I loved the concept, it was a good experience shared with an excellent photographer and friend Sasha Olsen who always made me feel free to do these types of more artistic photos.

Now, I’d like to ask you a couple of yummy questions. First, what does yummy mean to you?


Yummy for me is confidence, character, and attitude. They are key elements to be part of this family.


I’m sure your physical appearance is really important while working as a model and as a football player. What do you think is your most attractive feature or body part?


It would be easier to ask the part I like least haha, but maybe I would say the legs and eyes.


You also look like a really confident person. What makes you feel sexy and what do you think is sexy in a person? What’s the key to confidence and sexiness?


What makes me feel sexy is keeping, as I told you before, my daily habits with a very healthy life, being as genuine as possible and of course wearing good perfume! I love seeing intelligence in a person, for me that is attractive and sexy.


How important are intimacy and connectivity with another person for you?


When you are emotionally connected as a couple, you build a foundation of strength, trust, and respect. Having an emotional connection means you can go to your partner and share anything with them. It is the knowledge that both you and your partner have empathy for one another. So, from my point of view, intimacy, and connectivity are love, it is the basis of everything! Without that there is no relationship.


Lastly, how do you see yourself a couple of years from now, both personally and professionally?


I see myself very calmly and in good health, with enough energy and motivation to be able to live each day to the fullest. Proud and grateful for my path, both in terms of football and as a model… happy!

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Photographed by Sasha Olsen exclusively for Yummyzine Issue Three
Interview by Adrian Gomis Exposito (AGE)

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