Felipe Santri: From Brazil to Portugal, A Journey of Pursuit

Felipe Santri: From Brazil to Portugal, A Journey of Pursuit

In this captivating interview, we delve into our Felipe Santri's unique journey of self-acceptance through embracing nudity, from their initial experiences in Miami to life with a naturist couple in the US. He shares his inspiring collaboration with photographer Steve Marais, his transition from Brazil to Lisbon as a full-time model, and the challenges of visas and relocations. Along the way, our guest has experienced significant personal growth and reinvention, acquiring new qualifications as a personal trainer and evolving into a braver, more resilient individual. Santri discusses his future in the industry, his perspective on sexuality and dominance and the mantra of finding poetry in life's simplest moments.

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Photo story by Steve Marais
With nudity often being something so uncomfortable for people, what is your relationship with nudity? Do you prefer it?
FB: To start with, I'm thankful for working in such an inspiring project with Steve Marais and all Peoplegrapher staff. My first nude shooting was in Miami, and it was quite fun, I laughed a lot. It wasn't frontal, but it required nudity. I lived in the US with a Brazilian couple who are yoga teachers and they've got an excellent mindset. They now live in a naturist community, and I hope I can visit them soon. Living with them changed my way of seeing things, so today I have no problems with nudity, and have full acceptance of my body. I really have no preference between being nude or not, it all depends of the context, the purpose.

On that note, how was shooting with Steve Marais? Tell us about the experience.
FB: Steve is super fun and it is easy being comfortable with him. It was great working with all the team. The quantity of people on the team and all the equipment available surprised me, but this didn't made me uncomfortable. In the end I had fun during all the process.

You were born in Brazil and now live in Lisbon, working as a full-time model. How did you find yourself in Lisbon?
FB: I thought about stopping modelling for a time, but the universe didn't allow me to do that. I was having a new experience in Ireland, and great things happened to me. Being a Brazilian, I found out that Portugal has an agreement with Brazil, so I found a possibility of getting a residency document and, in the future, an European passport. Though I didn't have much knowledge, I was willing to face the challenge. And it was challenging indeed.
You have spoken a lot about the tough time you have had entering the modelling industry. From relocation to visas, how has this experience been? Are you feeling more settled?
FB: Through my career I lost many opportunities of working for not having and European or American passport, due to the time a Brazilian can be in different countries. Portugal is a possibility for Brazilians to be in Europe for an extended period. So I saw a possibility to solve this.

This must have created a huge amount of growth for you. What have you taught yourself during this period?
FB: Without a doubt it was and is a great source of growth to me. I learned and am still learning a lot, now I am stronger and calmer for having my residency and being allowed to come and go. I learned to not letting my goals behind, to keep believing in myself, and that everyone, including myself, is evolving, doing the best they can in their current consciousness. I'm thankful to every person that crossed my path, and who is still with me.

You have been open about the evolution you have gone through and the "reinvention" that has taken place. Can you describe this for us? Are you a different person than you were before?
FB: I had to resume my studies to accelerate my residency process, and to study while working is challenging. Now I have another qualification, I'm also a personal trainer. I see myself as a braver man, I jokingly say to my friends I've got fire in my eyes.

In line with this, how are you feeling for the future in your career? Excited to get everything started again?
FB: I'm happy and grateful, now I'm trying to avoid having high expectations. I keep working with the highest quality I can offer, and I believe it will take me where I'm supposed to be. I'm having fun and enjoying every opportunity that comes my way.
We are going to dive in a little deeper, we as humans are sexual creatures. Can you tell us about a sexual encounter that was particularly daring? Does anything spring to mind?
FB: I'm glad that there are not so many taboos about sex, humanity is evolving. I have a few stories, but I guess it wouldn't be fair to choose only one…

Tell us about your ideal sex. Are you more dominant or submissive? Or do you like the play between the two?
FB: It's pleasurable when there is no rush, when one doesn't take care only of their needs, but their partner's too. I enjoy combative sports, so I believe it leads me to being more dominant.

Yummy is creating its universe and ever evolving. When you think of Yummy, what comes to mind?
FB: Yummy brings within the celebration of freedom of expression of male's body, through photography and video. Looking back, humanity had in the past the expression of beauty through statues in ancient Greece and Rome, now we have it in a modern format, digital and in print.
Your mantra on social media is "making poetry with the simplest things in life'". Are you a poetic person?
FB: I don't consider myself as a 'literally' poetic person. This mantra is linked to giving more importance to the simplest things in life. Good deeds are better than words.

As we look ahead, just a couple years, where do you want to be? Any goals you want to achieve?
FB: I had a few opportunities to work in acting in Brazil, but I still wasn't ready for that. I studied acting in Portugal for six months, unfortunately I couldn't go on with that, but I really enjoyed it, and I want to go back to this area, maybe filming in Portugal, Brazil or Spain.

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