YUMMY | ISSUE NINE (7839596314874)
YUMMY | ISSUE NINE (7839596314874)
YUMMY | ISSUE NINE (7839596314874)
YUMMY | ISSUE NINE (7839596314874)
YUMMYZine | ISSUE NINE (7839596314874)
YUMMY | ISSUE NINE (7839596314874)
YUMMY | ISSUE NINE (7839596314874)
YUMMY | ISSUE NINE (7839596314874)
YUMMY | ISSUE NINE (7839596314874)
YUMMY | ISSUE NINE (7839596314874)
YUMMY | ISSUE NINE (7839596314874)
YUMMY | ISSUE NINE (7839596314874)
YUMMY | ISSUE NINE (7839596314874)



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Yummy 9 Cover Options::Elia Cometti by Bartek Szmigulski

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Plus we have some wonderful surprises heading your way, with wonderful models that are willing to "bare all" and fabulous photographers. We ship worldwide, in super discreet packaging.

We are a limited edition photographic publication for all those that love a 'yummy' man!

  • 252 pages
  • Large Format Magazine
  • 350 x 280mm x 14.3mm (portrait)
  • Thick and heavy
  • Many Beautiful models
  • Beautifully shot male nudity
  • Shipping worldwide
  • Low-key, discrete packaging
  • FREE poster and postcard.


Advantage of ordering your copy now, is that you get access to a special pre-press price, £20 lower than once the issue is printed. Additionally, we treat you like a VIP, you get your order shipped first when the issue is printed.

Yummy 8 is our last issue printed, with 22 models, 8 photographers all wrapped up into a luxury coffee table photo book. Take a look



I just wanted to express my gratitude and delight on receiving your latest book, Yummy 8.

I have to say that not only is the technical quality of the photographs outstanding; incredibly vivid colours (see Brian Whittaker) and exquisite use of shadows (see stunning Levy Van Wilgen in b & w atop a pillar a la Michelangelo's David); even compared to previous editions, but the collection of models makes this your best embodiment of male beauty yet. Apart from the two models I've thus mentioned, the likes of Rayan Ricci, Aaron Owen, Matty Carrington, Jordan Torres, Giacomo Pazzini, Tyler Otto and Sepanta Arya, all represent the zenith of outstanding masculinity; sensual and beautiful in a natural way. I look forward to you maintaining such high standards in future editions.

Many thanks,

Dean, UK

I just want to say thank you, thank you to everyone involved in creating this beautiful project.
Every issue I receive it’s even better than the last one! the models, the photographers, the creative team.
they always do an amazing job bringing Yummy to life.
I can’t wait to get my Yummy 8 and my Beach Boys copy so my collection is complete! for now…

Christopher, Mexico

This is the first time I've ever bought something like this.
I've always thought projects like this to be incredibly
beautiful, artistic, and sensual.

But I've always been too scared to buy these amazing works, as I was afraid other people wouldn't see the same qualities as me. I was scared that they would think of it to be nothing else but pornographic.

I'm so glad I finally decided not to care about what others would think and just buy this.

The magazine is a collection of some of the most beautiful and
artistic shots of the male body I've ever seen.

It's a celebration of the male physique in all of it's glory
All the models are perfect in their own unique way.

They're all beautifully captured by all the amazing photographers, in all sorts of beautiful locations. The pictures are pure perfection and pieces of art.
I love how intimate the pictures feel. It's like I'm there with them.

I also like that the magazine includes both the models' and the photographers' Instagram handles. That way, you're easily able to find them and support their amazing work!

This was everything I was hoping for and more. I would definitely recommend others to buy these amazing works of art!
I know I will.

Mark, UK

Thank you, coffee table successfully upgraded! High quality, tasteful photography. Introduces a nice lil buzz into the lounge. Look fwd to growing the collection.

James, UK

I have been a frequent collector of Yummy magazines and I must say that Issue Seven is one of my favourites so far. The photo selection, print quality and shipment speed have all improved tremendously!

The Yummy Issue 7 features a lot of amazing models, some of whom I never thought I would see without clothes! The artistic photo shoots are very good and capture all the body details of these superb guys.

My top 3 models of this issue would be Oliver Baggerman, Leon Valentin, and Daniel Schroeder. I love the poses captured by the talented photographers and how they have combined beauty and sensuality so well in these photos.

Yummy celebrates the magnificence of the male form in a way that is unmatched by any other publication!

João, Coimbra, Portugal

I just received Yummyzine 4 + Yummy7 issues: browsing your magazines is like walking through an art gallery.

You admire gorgeous men, beautiful locations and very classy photos, exactly like admiring Roman sculptures or Italian paintings.

You have brought male nudity to the level of art, without making it lose its sensuality and energy.

I can't wait to visit other rooms of your museum...

Marcello, Milan, Italy

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