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We would love your work for Yummy 7 and Yummyzine Issue 4


We’re a publisher of beautiful male photography that celebrates the nude.

It's all about ART, beauty, colour, black & white, light & shade, with a narrative, all illustrated in a photo story.

We are always looking for talented photographers with a unique visual voice and models something wow about them.

To be published in our luxury photo books and journals.

- Alex, Yummy

What we publish...

  • Yummy Magazine is published twice a year, Winter and Summer. The magazine this year will also be available digitally, to show an extended selection of your photographic stories online.


  • Yummyzine is a smaller format magazine aimed to be more afforable, the same size as a posh fashion magazine. Look at Yummyzine Issue 2 for reference.


  • We publish digital versions of both magazine formats

We only accept Unpublished work, for consideration.

It cannot be on your website, public portfolios, social media, please do not give models copies of your submissions.

How it works...

  1. Fill out the Form below so we have your details
  2. Send us a low res PDF of the story using the submissions form upload (max 2mb)
  3. We will send you a confirmation email that we have got these.
  4. We will send via AdobeSign the submissions forms for you to review and sign
  5. Later we will send you a request link to our dropbox for you to submit your high res images, named, your name, models name, yummy. Or you can use any File Transfer service to send us your stories. Any questions email me at shop @


Why collaborate with Yummy

Be Creative

You're free to be as creative as you like. You don't often get to try new things

Build Your Following

The Yummy community is growing and growing fast! Reach a new audience

Something New

We are luxury, coffee table collectable. Doing something unique, join us!

Themes... what theme...

We don't have any themes! we want to see your work and hopefully use it.

For Yummy ideally you will have photographed a fabulous model, in a great location or in a settling that tells a photo story of some kind. Yummy is published twice a year - its about the best content, best photography and creating something our reads are going to LOVE.

Its the same for Yummyzine, however, the models don't have to be models, they can be new faces, influencers, fitness gurus and the like, its little more open. HOWEVER... the quality standard is still the same, we want exellent photography, that tells a story or reveals the model in a new way.

But you can submit anything you like... why have too many rules

What we need from you

Unpubished work
Ask your models, if they have access to the shoot, NOT to post images in social media

Fill out the form below or email us on shop @

Send us a low res pdf of the photo shoot
Give us the photographers name, the models name and instagram profiles
Plus if there is an agency, send us their details too

We will then be back in touch...

Below are examples of our submission forms



Wellbeing and duty of care is key to all things Yummy

Doing our best

Duty of care and wellbeing. The safety of all models and photographers is paramount. By shooting or contributing to Yummyzine you are confirming that the highest standards of care, respect and fairness has been observed when producing your stories.

Make it interesting
Full of desire
Tell a visual story
Be creative

- Yummy, the secret recipe

1. Images submitted, UNPUBLISHED WORK ONLY - cannot be published anywhere else before the publication and delivery to customers of the issue your work appears in. They have to be exclusive to Yummy.

2. Submitting work, doesn't guarantee your work will appear in the magazine. All sucessfull contributions will be notified if their work is to be used.

4. Your work submitted will appear, if successful, in either Yummy or Yummyzine.

3. You agree that our editors have final say in which, some, or all of your works are used.

4. If a complete story isn't used in the print magazine we will then publish the full story in our digital magazine. Therefore do not promote any images without letting us know first.

5. Submitted, successfully accepted stories will be published online, in social media, in email and in print. We will use censored versions of your work some online platforms. A small selection of uncensored images will be used to market the magazines to our readship and community. You agree not to publish your Yummy work until the magazine has been packed and sent out to customers (we don't ever want to ruin the surprise). Once we publish your work online, you are free to publish and promote yourselves. If you want to release teaser content, please get in touch with Alex before you do so we can support you in this.

6. You are confirming that you, your models and all contributors you have worked with on this shoot are acting under their own free will and you have read and confirm your agreement to our policies on coercive control or behaviours and have read our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement.

Further terms apply, see the submission forms and waivers.

By submitting work to Yummy Magazines, you are agreeing to these terms.

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