Submit your photographic stories to Yummy - Yummy 5 Submissions Deadline May 31st, 2022!

We’re a publisher of beautiful male nude photography.

It's all about art, beauty, light and shade.

We are always looking for talented photographers with a unique visual voice  and models that have something wow  about them.

- Alex, Yummy


Wellbeing and duty of care is key to all things Yummy

Doing our best

Duty of care and wellbeing. The safety of all models and photographers is paramount. By shooting or contributing to Yummyzine you are confirming that the highest standards of care, respect and fairness has been observed when producing your stories.

Why collaborate with Yummy

Be Creative

You're free to be as creative as you like. You don't often get to try new things

Build Your Following

The Yummy community is growing and growing fast! Reach a new audience

Something New

We are luxury, coffee table collectable. Doing something unique, join us!

What we need from you

Please think and plan your shoot carefully, think about a theme for your shoot and make it creative, interesting, visually stimulating and different from images you may see in other publications.

We are looking for stories with a difference, that tell a visual story. We find natural light works really well and try to find grooming and stylists that can help you deliver something very special and unique. Photographic, nude, art.

Yummy 5 submissions. Our very loose theme at the moment is around fitness and body-positive beautiful.

We would love to see a mix of colour and black & white images. Make sure your BW images are full of tone with nice lights and darks. Yummy 5 submissions close May 31st, 2022

Download and use these credits documents, model waiver and sign the terms of submission.

If you have trouble using the form for large files, you can email us with a filetransfer link.

1. Images submitted, cannot be published anywhere else before the publication and delivery to customers of the issue your work appears in. They have to be exclusive to Yummy.

2. Submitting work, doesn't guarantee your work will appear in the magazine. All sucessfull contributions will be notified after the submission deadline.

3. You agree that our editors have final say in which, some, or all of your works are used.

4. If a complete story isn't used in the print magazine we will then publish the full story in our digital magazine. Therefore do not promote any images without letting us know first.

5. Submitted, successfully accepted stories will be published online, in social media, in email and in print. We will use censored versions of your work in public online platforms. You agree not to publish your Yummy work until the magazine has been packed and sent out to customers (we don't ever want to ruin the surprise). Once we publish your work online, you are free to publish and promote yourselves. If you want to release teaser content, please get in touch with Dirk or Alex before you do so we can support you in this.

6. You are confirming that you, your models and all contributors you have worked with on this shoot are acting under their own free will and you have read and confirm your agreement to our policies on coercive control or behaviours and have read our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement.

Further terms apply, see the submission forms and waivers.

By submitting work to Yummyzine, you are agreeing to these terms.

Make it interesting
Full of desire
Tell a visual story
Be creative

- Yummy, the secret recipe

It’s time to submit!

If you want to you use a file transfer, add the URL into the comments section of the form. Remember to include your submission documents otherwise we cannot consider your fine photographic work. Thank you for wanting to be part of Yummy.