Marin Barba-Rosie: Unveiling the Man Behind the Model

Marin Barba-Rosie: Unveiling the Man Behind the Model

In this exclusive interview with Yummyzine 5, we delve into the life and experiences of Marin Barba-Rosie, a rising star in the world of modelling. From his early years in Romania to his serendipitous journey into the world of fashion, Marin shares his unique perspective on life, dreams of becoming a farmer, and his unapologetic embrace of his identity. Marin also goes all in with the yummy questions, unveiling his most desired fantasies and his hottest side. Join us as we explore the diverse facets of Marin's life and ambitions in this candid conversation.

Photo story by ALE RAMIREZ, interview by Adrian Gomis Exposito

The images are cropped/ made safe for online purposes, full images available inside Yummyzine Issue Five

ADRIAN GOMIS EXPOSITO. Hey Marin! We’re so happy to have you in Yummyzine 5. How are you?
MARIN BARBA-ROSIE. Hi, guys, I'm well and honoured to be in the Yummy. Hi to all the team; you guys do an amazing job!
A.G.E. You're originally from Romania. What was it like growing up there, and what were your fondest childhood memories?
M.B. Growing up in Romania had laid the foundation for my character, even though I left at a very young age. I grew up with my grandparents because my parents left.
A.G.E. At the tender age of eighteen, you embarked on a journey to Rome, where you had a serendipitous encounter with photographer Michele Des Andres, resulting in your first magazine cover shoot. Can you share your thoughts and feelings about becoming a cover model at such a young age? How did this experience reshape your life?
M.B. I have to say that I was so proud, and even though I saw myself in that position, I always kept calm and looked forward to new things to come. I was in good hands with the agency, and I was very well represented. It didn't change much besides the fact that there was so much adrenaline, and I had the opportunity to meet in person Donatella, Mr. Armani, and many more.
A.G.E. Prior to your modelling career, you held various nature-related jobs, such as working in a forest and on a farm. Later, you also ventured into the hospitality industry, serving as a waiter in Milan, which, if I understand correctly, you are still doing. It seems you possess a wide range of skills and talents. Could you shed some light on why you chose these diverse professions or if circumstances compelled you to pursue them?
M.B. I believe that I didn't have much choice. I just did it because it was something that was paid! In the forest job, I was crazy in love, and it was extremely hard to leave the job because nature really "calls you"—the morning smell, the animals, and the adventures keep you going. Being a waiter is something I've always liked because I love being in touch with people.
A.G.E. Your interests are quite diverse, spanning from fashion to animals, and you harbour a unique aspiration of becoming a successful farmer. Could you elaborate on these intriguing interests and dreams of yours?
M.B. The dream to have my own farm started when I was working in the woods, where we were blessed only with countryside food (cheese, bread, chicken, pork, all organic and naturally grown). As in today's dishes, we don't find much organic food, and I'm in love with the natural taste of Romanian food. Having a farm will also keep me busy and happy.
A.G.E. In your family, you have nine siblings, and you've mentioned being the only gay member. How does this aspect of your identity affect your sense of self, and how do you view your own homosexuality? Are you open about your sexuality with those around you?
M.B. I must say I came out at the age of 26, and that was only to my very best friends. Today, because I do OnlyFans, it's kind of obvious that I'm gay! But I never said it loud or publicly. I would love to say through this interview that I'm a proud gay man. I had some issues with my sister-in-law because I love cooking and I'm very good at it, and one day she said to my brother, "I'm not eating anything from his hands because I saw on the internet that people do disgusting things." Since then, I haven't talked to her for about 6 years. It was very hard to hide my sexuality in Romania, and I had many relationships with girls because I needed to prove I was not gay. I had some sexual encounters with my best friend as we always got drunk and made out.
A.G.E. I must say that the story you did with Ale Ramirez, joined by Juan for Yummyzine 5, is truly captivating. The chemistry and fun moments between you all are evident. Could you share your perspective on this experience? What was it like working on that project?
M.B. I can't deny that, despite being professional, this very project with Juan and Ale was very interesting and unique! Sexy and horny! Juan is really a flirt, but I successfully did a good job, and we still made out after the shooting. Ale is an amazing person and it was so good working for Yummyzine 5.
A.G.E. Now, I'd like to delve into a couple of lighthearted and yummy questions. Firstly, what does the term "yummy" signify to you?
M.B. The term "Yummy" is the combination of "yummy, that's hot" and the non-sexual image of many sexy guys! I do believe Yummyzine is showing male beauty not in a sexual way but in the most beautiful way possible.
A.G.E. You mentioned having graced the covers of ten printed publications during your career, but I'm curious if this was your first time participating in a nude photoshoot for a printed magazine. If so, how do you personally feel about such shoots, and what does nudity represent to you?
M.B. Nudity is pure beauty! I see it that way; it's in one's power to deliver the right message. Nudity is not always porn. I did semi-nude shoots in the past for Desnudo, but never like in Yummyzine! It was great, really.
A.G.E. Another intriguing statement you made is your refusal to compromise due to your belief in self-respect. Could you expand on the meaning behind this stance and its impact on your personal life?
M.B. Compromising was never my thing! I never did, and sometimes I regret it! I had opportunities to be in greater campaigns and magazines and probably love relationships with benefits, but I never had the courage because I felt dirty doing something for a service. It means you're being used, and I don't like that. Today I'm still keeping myself up and proud.
A.G.E. What do you find attractive in another person? What’s the first thing you look at?
M.B. Oh, I like many things about a person, but the very first thing is their smile. I like a shy person and a loyal boyfriend. I like the clean type and childish behaviour with a positive vibe. I'm the classic boyfriend type.
A.G.E. I really love the way you show your beauty and your body on socials. If we were to look at your camera roll and hidden folder, what would we find?
M.B. Hahaha, you better not; it's full of me enjoying myself, travelling, and also nudes for a future project I want to do after I'm out of the modelling business.
A.G.E. Would you say sex is a relevant part of your life? What’s the craziest encounter you have had?
M.B. Wow, it’s getting hotter and hotter! I do have some favourite dates! Alejandro Pino and Juan had been the best so far in a sexual encounter. It’s maybe because they’re famous for there’s penis but everything was perfect! I’m as well very much into Asian guys.
A.G.E. What does the perfect night look like to you? Do you have any wild and sexy fantasies?
M.B. A perfect night will be a beautiful dinner with a man of around 40/50 years to take me out for a drink and then we make love. I’m quite clean about fantasies, so I probably would say I would like to do an orgy which I have never tried! I’m also cero-tolerant to drugs of any sort.
A.G.E. Lastly, although you already mentioned your dream of becoming a farmer, what other dreams or ambitions do you have in life? What do you expect from the future?
M.B. I also invest in apartments and rent them so I can have a passive income without any stress. I also dream about a world without hunger. My dream is to own a house somewhere far from civilization where I go back to a human-based and connect to nature and God.

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