Marian Rey in Yummy 8

Marian Rey in Yummy 8

From Reunion Island to the World of Modelling with Marian Rey

Embark on an intriguing journey with Marian Ray as he shares his remarkable tale from the enchanting shores of Reunion Island to the bustling streets of Paris, and ultimately, into the world of modelling. In this intimate conversation, we delve into the roots of his upbringing, the transformative experiences of moving countries, and the bold decision to transition from a finance career to a full-time modelling pursuit. Join us as Marian opens up about life, career choices, and the liberating experience of a daring photoshoot with Sasha Olsen for Yummy 8, unveiling his yummiest side.

Photo story of marian rey @reymarian by SASHA OLSEN @sashaxolsen, interview by Adrian Gomis Exposito @adriange_

The images are cropped / made safe for online purposes, full images available inside Yummy Issue Eight

ADRIAN GOMIS EXPOSITO. Hi Marian! It's great to have this chat with you. Before we dive into the details of your modelling career and Yummy, let's explore the fascinating journey that brought you here. I'm curious about your roots, being born and raised on Reunion Island, a small gem in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar. Can you share a bit about life on that beautiful and remote island during your upbringing?
MARIAN REY. Reunion Island is a small French tropical island that offers a plethora of nature's greatest gifts. From an active volcano, and wild forest to hot days at the beach, Reunion is a small and secluded paradise on earth with a French touch! Best of both worlds, right? ;)
A.G.E. Were you raised in close contact with nature, and is there something you miss the most about your hometown, like a special dish or a habit?
M.R. As a kid, I have always lived less than 100m away from the beach. And that's not an exaggeration. So, what I miss the most is having a hot day at the beach with family and friends eating fresh fruits all day.

A.G.E. At 18, you took a leap and moved to Australia to study Business. What motivated this significant change, and how did it impact your life? Transitioning from a small island to the bustling life of Australia must have been quite a shift.

M.R. Very early on, I was drawn to living in big vibrant cities. Reunion is a holiday or retirement destination, in my opinion, not when you're trying to make things happen, and I'm not one to settle. I first arrived in Perth, where I stayed for 3 years. That move went pretty well, I felt comfortable where I was, and it gave me fuel to move forward. Also, the Australian weather played in my favour… I'm not good with the cold!
A.G.E. Later on, you secured a job in finance there. What was it like for you to change countries and establish yourself in Australia? What aspects of your new life did you enjoy the most?

M.R. Changing countries was the best thing I have done in my life. It was the 18-year-old me, but it was like I was being teleported to a different part of the world and had to adapt overnight. I learned a lot about myself. I know you guys want to know how great life was for me there, but my favourite thing about it all was the person I was becoming. It taught me work ethic, discipline, and unwavering confidence.

A.G.E. Moving from the free and nature-surrounded Australia to metropolitan Paris must have been an interesting experience. How did an island boy like you adapt to city life in Paris, which is quite different from both Australia and Reunion Island?
M.R. The lifestyle in Paris is very different indeed. It's a fast-paced city full of characters and different people. Adapting to Paris wasn't as challenging as in Australia, as French is my first language. The biggest shift has to be my schedule and habits... a lot more sleep-ins and late-night wine and cigarettes...
A.G.E. Now, let's shift gears and talk about your modelling career. How did you initially step into the industry? What sparked your interest, and how were you scouted?

M.R. My friends and family first kept telling me that I needed to go into modelling. I loved the idea but wasn't too sure how to get started. So, I went on Facebook and posted on different pages with no real expectations. A photographer got back to me pretty quickly. He was in his last year of photographic studies. We collaborated on his final exam, which he passed. He got signed as a photographer a week later. Viviens, the agency he signed with, must have loved the pics so much that they called me in too... and I also signed later that week!

A.G.E. I heard that not too long ago, you decided to pursue modelling full-time. What prompted this change? Was it dissatisfaction with your finance job or a shift in your life goals?

M.R. Yeah, so that wasn't a hard choice for me. I think the hard part was the feedback from people around me. "You've built this life for yourself, and now you want to quit, you've wasted years of your life" kind of comments. I was okay with my life at the time, but I remembered why I moved in the first place. So I asked myself: Do I see myself in this job in 5 years? The answer was no. That was my sign to write my next chapter.

A.G.E. Managing a full-time modelling career while keeping a grip on investments and finances sounds challenging. How do you strike a balance between these two seemingly different worlds?

M.R. Yeah, it's a strange one. I think I have different personality traits just like everyone in this world. Modelling and investing are a good combination for me. Modelling allows me to explore new facets of myself, be playful, meet creative people, and allows for a much more free lifestyle. Whereas investing requires patience, diligence, and calculated choices. I have to say both worlds combined, sum me up pretty well.
A.G.E. Maintaining a busy modelling career can be demanding. How do you ensure a healthy lifestyle, including good sleep and nutrition? Are you into fitness, following a strict workout routine, or perhaps invested in specific nutrition practices?

M.R. I have been intermittent fasting for 6 years now. So I don't eat breakfast, I will have a couple of black coffees throughout my morning, followed by a light and balanced lunch, and dinner is where it's at. I normally have a copious amount of steak, carbs, and chocolate. I would try to make it a lifestyle because as soon as your brain thinks you're being too restrictive, it will start playing games with you. I don't look for big overnight gains but to be 1% better every day. Do that for 6 years and you should have a pretty solid foundation.

A.G.E. I've heard you enjoy dancing. Is it a hidden talent or more of a hobby? What kind of music gets you on your feet?

M.R. I started dancing very early, and I'm not going to lie, I am known to be one of the great dancers back home, haha! You can catch me dancing at the gym between sets, in the streets of Paris, or on Instagram. Modelling has reopened my eyes to a lot of hobbies I have had in the past. I think it's definitely more of a hobby for now, but I would love to showcase it more in my modelling work.

A.G.E. Now, let's talk about your stunning shoot with Sasha Olsen for Yummy 8. How was this experience for you? Being photographed naked outdoors must have been a unique experience.

M.R. It was the best experience, Sasha is officially my new favourite photographer and now an amazing friend. Shooting naked at first was a bit strange, but Sasha is very professional and that made me feel at ease from the start. 30 minutes into the shoot I forgot I was naked and that was it. Even on our breaks, I didn't put my clothes back on. Being naked is so liberating; we should definitely do that more often—I call it naked therapy.

A.G.E. The shoot went exceptionally well, and you can sense the strong connection between Sasha and me in those images, which led to it being selected for a cover. Was this your first magazine cover, and what were your emotions when you found out you were going to be one of the main cover stars in Yummy?

M.R. Yes, it is my first magazine cover! Sasha informed me that many fantastic models were part of the issue, and we had to wait to see if we secured the cover. Fortunately, we did! To be honest, I am just grateful to be among the boys who made it. I look up to those models, and it serves as a reminder that I must be on the right track!

A.G.E. Any specific places or moments during the shoot that you enjoyed the most? Share any fun anecdotes that happened behind the scenes.

M.R. We shot in this very cute AIRBNB in Lisbon. It had a big farm, with tractors, fields and piles of wood. We shot in this canal that waters across different farms during the sunset, just to realise Sasha was stepping on scorpions the whole time… scary stuff. Saha reckons it was a small crayfish. I mean, scorpion sounds better, right?

A.G.E. Moving on to a more spicy section, what does the word "yummy" mean to you?

M.R. The first thing that comes to my mind is something sweet and cute like a cupcake. Probably not the answer you were looking for but cupcakes can be sexy too, right?

A.G.E. Would you describe yourself as a sexy and playful guy? If so, what makes you feel that way, and why do you enjoy embracing that side of yourself?

M.R. For me, it’s a balance between the man and the boy I am. I love being the sexy mysterious strong man the society wants us to be, but I'm 26 and I still feel like a little boy sometimes so being playful and cheeky is refreshing and always brightens up the room!

A.G.E. The shoot featured you swimming naked in a pool. Is that a regular occurrence for you? How comfortable are you being naked around the house?

M.R. I mean, I am comfortable with nudity if people around me are comfortable with it and are also naked. On my own, I have no problem with it really, especially in a pool! You know, everything is floating and that's a great feeling.

A.G.E. What's your favourite attribute of any of your body parts?

M.R. I’m very lean at the moment so I would say my lower ab veins. Damn, I sound full of myself.

A.G.E. Speaking of pools, what's the most unusual or special place where you've had an intimate moment?

M.R. I have a few but for this one, I'm just gonna say soccer pitch. You can come up with the rest.

A.G.E. Finally, looking ahead, what are your aspirations for your modelling career? How confident are you about achieving those goals, and are there other objectives in your life that you're striving for?

M.R. I really want to do a perfume campaign. I’m really confident about my modelling career and I feel like it's only getting started! I would love to mix different industries like acting, dancing, and modelling together, that would be cool. I know that if I stay focused over the next few years, everyone is going to want to work with this sexy playful 30-year-old Marian. Hot dad vibes you feel me.



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