YUMMY 8 + YUMMYZINE 6 - SAVE ON SHIPPING! (8247790076154)
YUMMY 8 + YUMMYZINE 6 - SAVE ON SHIPPING! (8247790076154)
YUMMY 8 + YUMMYZINE 6 - SAVE ON SHIPPING! (8247790076154)


YUMMY 8 + YUMMYZINE 6 - Save on Shipping!

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Buy Yummy 8 + Yummyzine 6 - Save 15% and save on Shipping!

Dive into the world of exceptional quality and immersive content with our exclusive bundle offer! Purchase 'Yummy, Issue 8' along with 'Yummyzine 6' and save 15% and enjoy the convenience of reduced shipping costs.

Yummy 8: No waiting needed, Yummy 8 is printed and ready for your pleasure. Yummy 8. Known for its extra large luxury size, quality of paper, stunning design, and unmatched content, Yummy 8 is a collectors dream. Whether you're a long-time fan or a new admirer, Yummy 8 is sure to exceed your expectations. 252 pages.

Yummyzine 6: Get ready to be captivated by Yummyzine 6. This magazine edition is brimming with engaging content, and beautiful men. It’s not just a magazine; it’s a gateway to a unique experience, offering readers a deep dive into the artistry of male nude photography. 

Why This Bundle?

  • Enhanced Experience: Combining Yummy 9 with Yummyzine 6 offers a comprehensive experience that blends both types of Yummy, the large scale photo book and the smaller more rebellious format of Yummyzine magazines.
  • Cost-Efficient*: Save on shipping costs without compromising on the quality or speed of service, once both publications are ready to ship. More value, less expenditure! 
  • Perfect Pairing: These two items complement each other, offering a well-rounded experience that satisfies your male art voyeuristic curiosity.
  • Limited Time Offer: This exclusive bundle deal is available for a limited period. Don’t miss the chance to make the most of this fantastic opportunity!

Order Now to discover the beautiful content within our Yummy 8 + Yummyzine 6 bundle. Place your order now and enjoy the 15% savings and the convenience of reduced shipping costs on this unbeatable offer, as both the photo book and magazine will ship together.

Please Note: YUMMYZINE 6 will be printed in April 2024 and your copy will be sent with your YUMMY 8.


Image previews

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