Sitting down with Tim Sakhnenko, Yummy explores the models rise in the industry, struggles he has faced and his continued positive outlook on life.

Sitting down with Tim Sakhnenko, Yummy explores the models rise in the industry, struggles he has faced and his continued positive outlook on life.

Brazilian model and Love Island star Felipe Gomes tells all in Yummy Reading Sitting down with Tim Sakhnenko, Yummy explores the models rise in the industry, struggles he has faced and his continued positive outlook on life. 9 minutes Next In Bed with Felipe Santri & all the things he loves

Tim Sakhnenko has by no means had an easy entrance into the creative industry. Deciding to take the risk for himself, Tim has faced many struggles that have led him to this point. The model opens up to Yummy about his life so far, his positive outlook on life and how the universe has a funny way of telling you where you need to be! Read the full interview below.

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Photo story by SASHA OLSEN
B. JOHNSON. Hi Tim! How are you? Tell us, how did you start your morning today? Any daily routines?
TIM SAKHNENKO. Good day dear Benji! Thank you for asking, today is better than yesterday! Actually…everyday is the best day – I am trying to keep this thought/mental attitude in my mind all the time.
So, the morning starts. It is wonderful when I have enough time to meditate in the beginning and then, after that, I have breakfast. One of my new habits is not to look at my phone for at least half an hour from the moment I open my eyes. And then, during the day, I like to take time to train.
B.J. In your background you have a range of experience within hotels, hospitality and events - all before starting to model. Is there anything about it that you miss?
T.S. Stability and professionalism. I am proud to know and work with good, talented, professionals in their fields – models, photographers and agencies alike.
B.J. So, in 2019 you took a decision that changed the course of your professional life. Can you tell us a bit about the decision?
T.S. I was 24 years old and I had everything for a good life: stable work in one of the biggest event & marketing agencies in Russia, the visible career ladder, nice car, salary, happy and proud family. But, I wasn’t happy with all of that. So I decided that it is better to risk it now at 24 rather that when I am 30-35, having family…etc. So, yes, I risked losing all stability to try a new field following my dream.
B.J. Chasing dreams can be something so scary but is so often worth it if we work hard enough for it. Why is acting a dream worth working for?
T.S. Because, while you are acting you are able to live different lives. I mean, the lives of your characters. It also helps to better understand yourself even if you just watch the movie – cinematography is real magic! You can be anyone, anywhere and do anything. You can compose a story or tell your own. You can entertain people and make them think, open their eyes and knock on their hearts – you can help people! I do believe that it is worth working for and taking the risk.
B.J. More recently you stated ‘it seems that now I choose the creative direction for my life’, what do you mean by this?
T.S. In 2019 I started a new way of life as a model and actor. As time passed, I discovered new interests in myself. And, in 2022, I was planning to shoot my own short movie, but the universe had another plan. Now, I am in Bangkok and I’ve started photography. It seems that now I choose the creative direction for my life – I am interested in being on both sides of the camera and broadcasting my vision/worldview through it.
B.J. Outside of acting and cinema, what other passions do you have? What drives you?
T.S. Almost always, the first answer to this question that comes to mind is speed! [Laughs]I do love a fast ride in a car or on a bike. I wish I could play the role of a racer! [Laughs]
B.J. Your entrance to modeling has had quite the trajectory with you moving to Bali and now in Bangkok. Was Asia always on your radar?
T.S. The war in Russia changed all plans and now I am here and have to deal with it on my own. Asia wasn’t a planned destination, but it’s a wonderful place with its own pros and cons. During the last 9 months in Asia, I’ve had a lot of experiences – both joyful and painful – but I am glad to have had it all. Life is a journey and can end at any time, so be grateful for today and the ability to travel and get new experiences.
B.J. What has been a highlight for you so far in this journey? Anything that stands out?
T.S. Everything! I fell in love with an amazing woman and her child, met new talented people and united them in a team/agency. I was a producer for a music video, took part in a local movie, first full-frontal nudity shooting for a magazine, a new hobby in photography, a new life in a new city/country! As much as there have been good and warm highlights, there were also a lot of painful emotions and realizations.
B.J. Your shoot with Sasha is perhaps one of the shoots with the most evident personality in this issue. How was this for you? How did you guys meet?
T.S. Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to work with Sasha! It was very comfortable and professional. He is a wonderful person and outstanding talent. One day I was on a shooting campaign for a local brand of sunglasses where I met Ege – a great model by the way! Later he introduced me to Sasha because he was looking for new faces in Bali to shoot. Just like that, we met! Thanks to Ege and his openness and kindness. Thank you bro!
B.J. The story is very intimate as well - particularly with the full-frontal nudity. Are you usually someone so comfortable naked with people?
T.S. Well, I have had a lot of different shit in my life like harassment from photographers, hacking of social networks, blackmail, draining of personal correspondence photos and videos. Now, I don’t care about it at all. Nowadays, you can find anything on any person with modern technology. There is no privacy anymore. So, let it be better to have beautiful shots from an awesome photographer for the world's most outstanding magazine! [Laughs]
B.J. So, you have expressed your open mind towards sex and sexuality. Do you see this as a very fluid concept?
T.S. There is a saying, ‘Everyone jerks off as he wants.” [Laughs] If something or someone makes you happy - why limit yourself? There is only one life and there are so many things you can try! Who knows what you will like and enjoy? The answer? Only you.
B.J. Sex is an act that can be expressed in so many different ways. What do you enjoy in these intimate moments? Are you someone who likes control?
T.S. Openness, trust, respect, support. This isn’t what you expect to read after such a question, but, believe me please, if you have all these with your partner – in your relationship and in the bed – you can do everything! I mean all experiments, all desires, all perversions…this is what I enjoy - freedom to choose your desires and your partner's desires through open communication, trust and respect for the personal boundaries of each participant.
B.J. On a final note, what advice would you give to someone looking to travel and follow their dreams?
T.S. I will answer with the words of the man who changed our world, Steve Jobs:
“Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.”
In order for you to fulfill your purpose, the world needs you to be who you are. Trying to copy someone else or act like someone you're not will only limit your contribution. From my own understanding, I will add that the Universe has a fucking amazing sense of humour! [Laughs] And, it is better to regret what you have done than what you have not done or tried because we live only once and no one will remember us for our thoughts.I still believe in my dream despite many difficulties and problems such as lack of money, restrictions on visas and work in different places, despite personal mental problems, external events and so on. Life is an adventure! It can be fun, scary, lonely, painful, pleasant and wonderful. Live and experience every moment of life in all its manifestations. Be happy, otherwise what is the meaning of this life?


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