Jhonatan Mujica shares his experience shooting Fight Club for Yummy Issue Six naked in a boxing club and share their yummy side

Jhonatan Mujica shares his experience shooting Fight Club for Yummy Issue Six naked in a boxing club and share their yummy side

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At an old boxing club in Milan, the incredble Jhonatan Mujica and Davide Farinelli train and warm up to jump on a boxing ring and challenge each other, pushing each other up against the ropes but never throwing in the towel. Yummy has a chat with both models to catch up, to talk about the incredible experience shooting for Yummy Issue Six, and of course, we also dive into their most yummy side.

Photostory by Sasha Olsen interview by Adrian Gomis Exposito

The images is cropped / made safe for online purposes, full images available inside Yummy Issue Six

To break the ice, could you introduce yourself a little bit so we can begin to know you?

For sure the multicultural environment I grew up in helped me understand better the difference between cultures, accept them and even enjoy seeing how everything works in every country, how people relate to each other, and understanding religions and beliefs. Today I consider myself an open-minded man who does not judge for anything. Live and let live.

You mentioned being half Venezuelan and half Chilean, being born in San Sebastián in Spain and partly growing up in Venezuela and Chile. How did this multicultural environment shape your life and character? What was your childhood like?

My childhood was pretty interesting because I lived half of my life in a pretty high economic level in Venezuela but, as some of you may know, in 1999 the country started drastically changing to become a place where we couldn’t live anymore. In 2004, my family decided to move to Chile to start all over again. It was a tough time but we were able to come out of there and learn how to adapt ourselves to everything to be able to move on.

From your life experiences, which would you say are the best traits of each of these countries that are part of you? What do you love the most about each one of them?

From Venezuela I developed the capacity of not being shy, showing myself up and being comfortable with my body. That mixed with the good behavior of Chilean culture, I achieved the best balance of expressing myself and respecting every person's life and space.

You say you’ve always felt like a foreigner everywhere you go but you’ve now turned that into a strength as it gives you the mindset of being capable to deal with any changes in your life. Can you tell us more about this process and how you face these situations now?

I guess my experience was tough because I left my family’s home very young and not well prepared. Obviously, I messed up many times but I never make the same mistake. That lets me learn about my mistakes and grow into today's Jhon. I work my ass out to make my career worth it enough to not have problems. It has been a long path but the way to deal with my problems today is more mature and calm knowing that anything is as bad as it could look. If you put your mind and your effort into it, you can do everything and overcome whatever comes.

I feel like, with all these changes you’ve lived through your life, you must love traveling and meeting new cultures. How much do you enjoy traveling and having wonderful experiences?

Traveling gives me the opportunity to see and experience many cultures, learning from every country and making sure I will live the best experiences that fit my personality.

Do you have any other hobbies or talents?

I’m moving forward to grow in my two top hobbies: photography and video making which began when I started modeling and acting and dancing, considering that my Venezuelan culture gives me the rhythm and the drama in my expression.

You are now a full-time model living in Milan. When did you decide to pursue a professional career in this field? Tell us how everything started.

I did study physiotherapy for two years in Chile, then I swithed career paths and country. I moved by myself to Argentina to study medicine and I started working as a personal trainer. I was working part-time as a model until I realized I didn’t want to become a doctor anymore. I dropped out of university and got the opportunity to make a big job with Coca-Cola, a chance that made me realize the opportunity of dedicating full-time to modeling and well, I did right.

You did a wonderful photoshoot with Sasha Olsen for Yummy accompanied by Davide Farinelli at an old boxing club in Milan. Did you enjoy this experience? Tell us about it.

The shooting was amazing and really fun. Shasha’s creativity is admirable. Even though it was pretty cold, I know Davide for three years, so we managed to warm up excising ourselves a little and having fun in between takes.

Was this your first experience shooting naked and with another model at the same time? How did you feel throughout the shoot? How do you feel about nudity?

It was my third time actually. For me, nudity is one of the moments when everyone should feel powerful and nothing to be ashamed of. I feel comfortable being naked because I love my body in every shape, in the best and in the worst, because it is not about shape, it is about loving and understanding your full self. For me, shooting with other models in this condition is a nice experience where great pictures came out.

I would like to ask you a couple of yummy questions now. What does it mean for you to be sexy? When do you feel sexy or what makes you feel sexy?

Sexy for me is the security in yourself. I think sexiness comes from the way you act, behave and show what you have in the best way. The person who is real for who they are does not need to impress anybody because they do not need it. That is sexy. I feel sexy when I can show myself in a way that is powerful and secure. My personality is a bit funny and naughty at the same time but cute and strong.

Do you sleep naked or with comfortable briefs and a shirt?

I do love to sleep naked but only sometimes. I like sleeping with some underwear if it’s soft and nice and it feels sexy too, but it depends on the underwear.

What do you find the most attractive in another person?

The eyes and the voice, because powerful eyes can say everything without a word and the strong voice can hypnotize your ears and your brain.

Do you have any turn-ons or fantasies? Perhaps any fun experience you’d like to share with us?

I think the fantasies could come up with the person you love because you may need a certain level of trust to immerse in that naughty and fun experience together. But fantasies can also happen when you are single because you think about all the crazy things you would like to do or try and my advice is just do it! Life is just one and you have no time to not enjoy yourself as you should.

Do you think it’s important to have fun and be a little bit naughty during sexy time? What do you like the most?

In bed, the connection with another person is really important but you also have to let yourself let out your naughty side because everyone has it. If you allow yourself to feel it, for sure you will have a great time.

To conclude, what do you think the future holds for you? Do you have any future plans?

The future is always uncertain, but I have plans to travel to different continents, grow in my photography and dance, and keep studying acting in different countries to absorb the best of every one of them and be able to show it in a movie or series once at least.

Yummy Issue 6

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Photographed by Sasha Olsen exclusively for Yummy Issue Six
Interview by Adrian Gomis Exposito (AGE)

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