Exploring Creativity, Sensuality, and Self-Expression: An Interview with Jacob Dooley

Exploring Creativity, Sensuality, and Self-Expression: An Interview with Jacob Dooley

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In a world where artistic expression and personal freedom intersect, Jacob Dooley emerges as a fascinating figure who defies conventions and embraces his creative instincts. Yummy 7 had the privilege of sitting down with Jacob, delving into his background, artistic journey, and unique perspectives on sensuality and self-expression. As a model, artist, and content creator, Jacob's story takes us on a captivating journey from his experiences growing up in the serene countryside of North Dakota to his ventures in the bustling markets of Miami, New York, and Los Angeles. Join us as we explore the essence of his art, the transformative power of his photography, his view on nudity and OnlyFans content, as well as his candid thoughts on embracing vulnerability, finding confidence, and charting a path that blends passion and purpose.

PHoto story by CHRIS FUCILE interviewed by Adrian Gomis Exposito

The images are cropped/ made safe for online purposes, full images available inside Yummy Issue 7

ADRIAN GOMIS EXPOSITO. Hi Jacob! It’s a pleasure meeting you and having you on Yummy 7. To begin with, let’s start talking about your background and upbringing. Can you tell us about your experiences growing up in the countryside of North Dakota? How did this environment influence your creative inclinations?

JACOB DOOLEY. The first thing I will mention is that there really isn’t much there. There's farmland for miles and miles with not too many people living out there. I think my closest neighbour to my childhood home was about 3 miles away. With only a small community of people living nearby, you do learn to show up and work hard for your neighbours or family who are in need of help. Although it can feel very isolating there, it just left more room for me to dream about what else was out there in the world, which I think fed into my creativity.
A.G.E. Was there a significant turning point or moment that made you realize art was your true calling, leading you to shift your focus away from your role as a junior agent at Good Talent Management? How did you start working as an agent and being involved in photography?
J.D. I don’t think there was a specific turning point, but the pandemic created a lot more challenges in the industry than I expected it to. With that, I started using art as a creative outlet and I realized the mental health benefits that a creative flow brought into my life. Once I had that realization, I felt I had no other choice but to continue down this path with my art. In 2018, I was given the opportunity to start as a junior agent with Good Talent Management after expressing my interest in the ins and outs of the modelling realm. Along with that, I was also given the chance to assist one of my favourite photographers, Blake Ballard, who actually took my very first test shoot when I started modelling. Watching the way he works on set, how he helps his models get into their own rhythm of posing, and understanding how to get the best shot was a very beneficial experience for me. I was very lucky to work with him in front of the camera as well as behind it.
A.G.E.: In your journey as a model, what drew you to start a professional career in this field? What have been some of the most memorable and challenging experiences you've encountered while working in markets like Miami, New York, and Los Angeles?

I was always interested in the way I dressed and presented myself growing up. In North Dakota, it's very limiting with the types of brands and fashion that they offer at our local mall in Fargo. I would never have thought I could pursue this profession, but my cousin, Jenn, who left North Dakota to go to Los Angeles, had her own modelling career 10 years before I started my own journey. My most memorable experience will always be the first modelling job I booked in Miami. It was with the company FRAME, and the campaign was shot by the legendary photographer Bruce Weber. I couldn’t have asked for a better first experience for my first booking.

A.G.E. You mentioned having lived in the aforementioned cities, but that the pandemic had an impact on your perception of them. What specific changes or realizations prompted you to seek a new place to establish roots?
J.D. The biggest change I saw happening to those cities during the pandemic was the loss of so many long-standing small businesses that I was very happy to spend my money at. Not only the businesses, but all my friends had dispersed across the country and left those cities, so any reason I used to have to visit those cities lost their attractiveness because seeing those people was a big part of living there. The support and connections of those people meant the world to me. Without them, the city didn't have much life left in it for me.
A.G.E. I've seen that you’ve been sharing your paintings and artistic creations on your social media. Do you see painting or any other art expression like photography as a tool to channel your feelings, inner emotions, or anything you cannot put into words? Tell us about your art.

Yes, I think any form of artistic expression comes from a part of the artist. There have been many shoots where I’ve been able to release a different side of myself that I don't normally portray in everyday life. When it comes to my paintings and digital art, I like to pull inspiration from nature, pop icons, and psychedelic art from the '70s. Some of my favourite pieces were inspired by '50s gay pulp illustrations, which I derived from my personal nude collection as well as some of my OnlyFans content.

A.G.E. You also mentioned shooting quite a bit of photos of yourself, whether for your OnlyFans or for Instagram. Even though we're all aware of the suffocating censorship policies of Instagram, what difference do you see in the formats and how do you achieve to create appealing and sexy pictures that make the cut?
J.D. The censorship of Instagram has been quite a challenge, but I have learned to take my photos with different levels of eroticism. Obviously, Instagram has the least amount of eroticism to avoid shadow-banning. OnlyFans has the most freedom. When it comes to selecting photos that make the cut, I always go back to watching photographers and how they pick the perfect shot. Finding the most natural pose, best lighting and proper focus always play a big role in choosing which photos I am going to use.

A.G.E. Having an OnlyFans is quite common nowadays because it looks attractive, but it also has its downsides. What benefits and risks do you find on this platform from your point of view as an OF creator?
J.D. Honestly, if you had asked me four years ago if I would consider having an OnlyFans, I would've dismissed that question so quickly, because the modelling industry at that time really didn't allow it. It was looked at as a detriment to your modelling career. I was told no one would've taken me seriously or it would've diminished my fashion appeal to other creatives. With the normalization of OnlyFans these days, I really think it's been giving models and other creatives a steady income they can rely on, so they don't have to couch surf or put themselves in dangerous situations just to have enough money to live in these big cities. Modelling income is never consistent, and I think this platform has really given models a chance to live a little more comfortably while they’re trying to achieve their dreams.
A.G.E. The story you shot with Chris Fucile for Yummy 7 is outstanding. You look stunning and the vibes are lovely. How was this experience for you, shooting naked outdoors and for a publication? How's it different from the times you've previously posed naked?

Thank you so much! This shoot was probably the most comfortable I’ve ever felt shooting nude outdoors. As you know, we shot this story on Fire Island. This was my first time ever visiting the Pines, and I was not expecting to have the experience I had while shooting there. Everyone there is so free to just be themselves and wear their sexuality on their sleeve. It really just felt safe for me to be doing what I needed to do out there. Usually, I am always keeping an eye on my surroundings in case I need to hide or cover myself because I know I may offend someone walking by, but there was a real sense of safety while shooting nude. When we were shooting the beach scenes at sunset, I knew there were people walking by and seeing me, but there was a moment when a group of guys walked by and shouted “YASS QUEEN WERK!” And that really was the moment I felt a wave of comfort rush over me.

A.G.E. Besides being the name of this publication, what meaning has the word “yummy” for you?
J.D. The word “yummy” for me, if we’re talking in a sexual sense, is when I see a man and have the instinctual reaction to want to lick every inch of his body.
A.G.E. I feel like you’re a really open-minded person, so I’d love to ask you a couple of spicy questions. First off, what’s sexy for you? What do you consider attractive in another person?
J.D. Self-Confidence. I cannot handle someone who self-deprecates. I also think the ability to be emotionally vulnerable is very attractive.
A.G.E. What’s your opinion about nudity? How can you tell or how do you decide when it has a sexual approach or a more artistic one, like for example when you shoot for your OF or for a publication like this one?
J.D. Nudity is definitely something I don’t shy away from. I enjoy the freedom and confidence it gives me, but I think it can take time for some to learn how to be comfortable with it. I think sexual imagery and artistic imagery can go hand in hand, but the thing that can separate the two is intentional exposure and natural exposure.
A.G.E. Do you have any fetishes or turn-ons? Tell us about some of your sexual fantasies, and whether you have made any of them real.

I really don’t have any fetishes that I’ve discovered, yet. I’m very fluid with my turn-ons. Each partner has had different things that get me going.
A.G.E. For you, what must a sexual encounter need to have for it to be mind-blowing?
J.D. Eye contact.
A.G.E. Lastly, what are your hopes for the future? Do you have any long-term goals? Tell us about how you imagine yourself in the future.
J.D. Keeping on this creative path where I’m making things that I feel proud enough to show to the world. I am actually terrified of long-term goals. I try to take everything one baby step at a time.


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Insightful and good read. I’ve followed Jacob for some time now and have found his style on social media to be above what most others do. Now I understand why. Jacob has a professional sense about himself and his work and those qualities come through.

Insightful and good read. I’ve followed Jacob for some time now and have found his style on social media to be above what most others do. Now I understand why. Jacob has a professional sense about himself and his work and those qualities come through.

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