Open-minded like no other, Bryce tells Yummy all about his story, what keeps him moving in life, and of course, opens up to talk about how comfortable he is with nudity

Open-minded like no other, Bryce tells Yummy all about his story, what keeps him moving in life, and of course, opens up to talk about how comfortable he is with nudity

You know him by Kyle Kupres or Logan Stevens, by his art and photography, or by his work as an adult entertainment performer Reading Open-minded like no other, Bryce tells Yummy all about his story, what keeps him moving in life, and of course, opens up to talk about how comfortable he is with nudity 11 minutes Next Super Model Stefano Marshall talks to Yummy about his life story, coming of age and all the things he loves in the world

Bryce, the 21-year-old half-Japanese model from California, has only been modeling professionally for a couple of months but has already shown off his modeling skills and stunning physique to the world! His young age, his love for sports, and his unique dual heritage make him unique. Combining all his passions with a business degree, Bryce’s goals are high and he’s willing to fight for them, including his interest in acting and starring in movies and TV shows.

Open-minded like no other, Bryce tells Yummy all about his story, what keeps him moving in life, and of course, opens up to talk about how comfortable he is with nudity, how important it is to normalize it within society, and talking about sex without taboos.

Photostory by Eddie Blagbrough interview by Adrian Gomis Exposito

The images is cropped/ made safe for online purposes, full images available inside Yummyzine Issue 2

Thank you so much Bryce for accepting to have a conversation with me for Yummy. To break the ice, could you introduce yourself?

My name is Bryce, I'm a 21-year-old half-Japanese model from Orange County, California. I've only been modeling for two and a half months and I am currently running cross-country and track for my college! I love working out and I enjoy hanging out with my family in addition to taking pictures to post for social media.

I believe you have a dual heritage as your parents are of Japanese and German descent, but you were born and raised in California. How has that rich heritage influenced you in your life?

I was heavily influenced by my Japanese grandparents who taught me all about working hard and staying disciplined to achieve my goals. Both were in internment camps in World War II and taught me so much about Japanese foods, how culture has influenced them, and how determination has run within the family. Although I love my Japanese side, I have lived my life heavily around my white/American side and grew up in a very traditional household by both parents. I believe this combination of my heritage alongside my genetics has truly influenced who I am as a person, whether it be my unique look or through sports in which I have the best of both worlds from my Japanese side's discipline and my white side's height. I am proud to be bicultural and love who I am even though I don't fit in the typical constraints of either my mom's white side or dad's Japanese side.

As a professional model signed with State Management, I am curious about your story with modeling. What caught your attention to pursue a professional career as a model?

My story was nothing ordinary in my opinion, and I am still very new to the modeling scene. I have only been signed for two months and I actually only pursued modeling because I was injured for track and wanted to gain more of a presence on social media and begin posting a lot more of myself. It's funny because I was actually discovered through a photoshoot that I had done with a photographer named Brian Kaminski and it was history from there. I have always loved the attention and the social media presence that came with being a model and so when the opportunity arose to sign with State Management I was all in. If you had told me just four months ago I would've been a professional Model signed with State Management, I wouldn't have believed you.

Besides modeling, you’re currently studying for a business degree. Do you believe it’s important to work in something else besides modeling? Why did you choose to study business?

 I think it's really important in today's society to never put all your eggs in one basket and to pursue multiple skills if you can. My dad had always taught me to pursue my education no matter what and so I have always believed that my business degree was of utmost importance. When it comes to why business, to be quite honest, it all comes down to what degree would have the most money attached to it and I think business is a great degree for achieving a monetary gain.

I can see that you’re also a sports lover and a keen track runner. What is it about sports that attract you the most?

I am such a competitive person and the thing that I love about sports is being able to improve my mental toughness and itch for competition on a daily basis. I also love how it keeps me in shape and it's important to me that I keep my body looking its best throughout the year. In addition, I love food and so by running eight to thirteen miles a day I can eat whatever, whenever!

I’ve heard you’re also taking acting classes. Has acting been something you’ve always liked or is it something you’re trying to enrich your modeling career? Tell us about this interest of yours.

I actually just started to get into acting by doing some small short films. I've always loved acting and have wanted to pursue it for a while now. I plan to definitely keep trying to do more and more within the acting world as I eventually want to be in a TV show or movie.

What motivates you on a daily basis? Do you have any hobbies or ambitions in life?

What motivates me to keep going is honestly just one day having the realization that I only have one life to live and how short it can be. When you die, no one will truly remember you and so might as well do what you want and try and achieve as much as possible. So in turn, I live my life like no one is watching me and doing everything I can to leave the biggest imprint. My ambitions include trying to one day star in a Marvel movie and to be in a TV show!

Regarding this shoot you’ve just done for Yummy, how was the experience? Was it your first time shooting naked?

This experience shooting for Yummy was awesome! Eddie is a really skilled photographer and also an amazing guy who made me feel very comfortable the entire time. This wasn't actually my first time shooting naked and I usually do shoots for my Onlyfans. However, it was my first time shooting on public trails and it was definitely interesting but still fun! I and Eddie were able to find such cool spots and the beach that we shot at was super cool for both of us and had some really good content.

How do you feel about nudity? Is it something you feel comfortable with?

Honestly, I am super comfortable with myself in terms of nudity and being in public. I am really comfortable but sometimes people can be really weird about it and try to bring you down. However, I never let that get to me and always continue to shoot what I want and really just keep making content. Nudity is awesome and should be shown off and it’s even better when the photographer I'm shooting with makes me feel really comfortable and gets along with me.

You’re really attractive with a perfect physique. Do you have any secrets or routines you follow to look like you do?

I really just exercise all the time and run at least six miles every day which allows me to indulge in any foods I feel like eating. I love living my life this way as it has allowed me to do what I love by moving my body and also eating foods that I love so it's a win-win.

I would like to spice things up a little bit now, so I’m going to ask you a couple of yummy questions. When and where do you feel the sexiest and how do you usually act when this happens?

I know it sounds weird, but I feel sexiest in the bathroom after I shower. The way the water runs off me gets me going like a steam engine. I usually make content around this time and that's when I get turned on the most so it works out perfectly. I don’t masturbate that often but when I do I go all in!

Would you consider yourself a naughty and sexual guy? How important is having fun during sex for you?

I am really naughty. I usually take photos naked around my house and sometimes when my parents are around. I think that actually having fun during sex is why you even have it in the first place! I would never have sex with someone who isn’t fun or doesn’t want to do something interesting as it defeats the whole purpose. I love the sexuality that is endorsed with showing off my body and believe it's important to normalize this within society.

Do you have any turn-ons or fantasies? If so, could you name a few?

This is a funny question, I get turned on by leggings and working out. If a woman is wearing spandex and is working out, that is a big turn-on for me but not in a weird creepy way. I have always had fantasies about my teachers back in the day but that is a story for another time! However, my turn-ons also include someone's attitude and having that cool laid back attitude, that’s also really hot for me.

If I got your permission to look through your camera roll on your phone, including the hidden folder, what would I find? Do you hide hot things in other places perhaps?

You would get a lot of my cheeks and shlong! Literally, I give people warnings if they have to find a photo or I'm going to show someone a photo. I'm never ashamed if someone sees these pics and honestly I don't hide them because if you see them, then lucky you!

To close this section, could you define the meaning the word yummy has for you? What do you see when you think about it?

The word yummy for me means something tasty and that could be something hot and steamy within a person or even food. I see some hot people showing off without remorse when I think of the word yummy and it's a fun thing to fantasize about. Yummy is what I also like to think that I am but in the most non-cocky way.

Forward-looking to the future, how do you feel about it? Do you have ambitious goals and dreams in life or exciting projects?

I am so excited about what's in store for me in the future and am so thankful to Yummyzine for giving me the opportunity to model and exhibit my yummy lifestyle. I have a couple of small magazines shoots coming up and hopefully some more exciting stuff in the near future. I have full confidence you'll be seeing more of me in the future and I'm not disappearing anytime soon!

Yummyzine Issue 2

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Photographed by Eddie Blagbrough exclusively for Yummyzine Issue 2
Interview by Adrian Gomis Exposito (AGE)

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