An Insightful Conversation with Model and Personal Trainer Andrei Andrei

An Insightful Conversation with Model and Personal Trainer Andrei Andrei

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In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Andrei, a seasoned model and personal trainer with a multifaceted career journey. From his early days in Romania to globetrotting as a sought-after model, Andrei shares the remarkable stories that have shaped his life and career. Join us as we delve into his experiences in modelling, television, and fitness, and explore the unique insights he's gained along the way.

PHoto story by SASHA OLSEN. interview by Adrian Gomis Exposito

The images are cropped/ made safe for online purposes, full images available inside Yummy Issue 7

ADRIAN GOMIS EXPOSITO. Hi Andrei! It's a pleasure to catch up with you. Before we delve into the details of your modelling career, I'd love to hear about your background and upbringing.

ANDREI ANDREI. I have been modelling for 20 years now since I was 20 years old. I started in Romania when one of the agents saw me at one of the fashion weeks in Bucharest and offered me my first contract in Turkey. I was a bodybuilder in those days, and I had to struggle to shrink most of the muscles to fit into the clothes while maintaining a low-fat percentage. It was a slow start, but all went well in the end. I changed my agent and started travelling to the bigger modelling markets like New York, Milan, London, Paris, Tokyo, etc., working with some of the biggest names in the world.

A.G.E. In terms of your career, I understand you've ventured into various fields, from web design to advertising, and even fitness and modelling. Could you share what drew you to modelling and how you juggle it with your role as a personal trainer?

A.A. Modelling was my way out of the country. In those times, there were only four international male models in Romania, and it was hard to get out. I didn't want to live my life in one place and not see the world. I felt that I had potential and went for it when the opportunity occurred. I decided to become a personal trainer after having a steady job as a web designer and after trying my hand at marketing and advertising. Being mostly behind a computer and not having much interaction with real people made me feel isolated and lonely. I needed to move. Modelling is always a pleasure, and I can do it in the background. It doesn't require much time and feels natural to me. And, of course, being the star of the shoot helps with the ego.

A.G.E. As a model, you've participated in fascinating productions like John Legend's music video and a shoot with Eva Longoria. Would you consider these among your most rewarding experiences in modelling? What were they like?

A.A. Of course, now that I look back, they seem like great achievements, but at that time, I didn't realize their importance. My friends were way more impressed, haha. It felt like that was only the beginning and part of my job, so it seemed normal. Since then, I've worked with a few big artists, but most of them are huge in the Middle East (for example, Elissa) since I've settled in Dubai.

A.G.E. You mentioned settling in Dubai after working in Romania. It seems your profession allows you to travel globally. Could you share some standout moments from your work-related travels and what you particularly enjoy about this nomadic lifestyle?

A.A. I loved living out of my luggage and being in 2-3 different countries in one week most of the time. When you're young, you don't care where you sleep or what you eat. I spent so many nights sleeping on airport benches, and I loved every minute of it. After 27-28, something changed, and I felt that I couldn't live the homeless life anymore, haha. So I based myself in New York and travelled from there. I got a web designer job since I was always passionate about coding and design and had the knowledge from my IT university.

A.G.E. With years of experience in fitness under your belt, how do you utilize your expertise to positively impact others? From your perspective, what's the most crucial aspect of a workout?

A.A. For me, it's all about aesthetics when it comes to fitness. It automatically includes a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits and function, but why not also look amazing in the process? Looking good gives you confidence, and discipline, and opens a lot of doors when it comes to your career and social life. When it comes to workouts, the most important thing is progression to trigger body and mind adaptation. This adaptation should be muscle mass in the right places, low fat, good body function, and great endurance if that is the preferred goal. You have to push the body close to the limits most of the time to do that.

A.G.E. Let's talk about your participation in "The Bachelor" in Romania. How was that for you, and in what ways did it influence your life?

A.A. The Bachelor TV show came at the right time in my life. I was in my hometown, running my own advertising agency, and was thinking of closing it and moving on. The Bachelor gave me a reason to move to Bucharest and try television and experience fame. It was so much fun having to choose from so many girls and seeing them do so much to please me. In the end, I couldn't see myself remaining with any of the girls and chose to stay single.

A.G.E. How have marriage and the deep friendships you've cultivated played a role in your personal development? How much do these relationships, especially with your spouse, mean to you?

A.A. Being married gave me a direction in life. I was drifting and living life day by day with no concern about the future. I had no place to call home and no real connection with anyone. That changed when this surprising thing happened to me with no planning; it just happened, and I went with my feelings. I didn't hesitate; I wasn't scared; it just felt right, and I knew I made the best decision. I feel more grounded and more mature. I'm 40 after all.

A.G.E. The photos you took with Sasha for "Yummy 7" are truly captivating. How was this collaboration for you? The results are really good, and I'm sure it was fun to shoot in the desert!

A.A. It was so much fun; Sasha is a chill photographer, open to suggestions, and knows how to get the right angles to make the model and his photos stand out. I haven't shot naked in a while, and if I would do it, it had to be for something worthwhile. Quality magazine, quality photographer. It felt good running naked in the desert, haha, and my wife assisted the whole thing, running after me with my clothes. The only problem was that the sand got everywhere on me, and there was no water to wash afterwards, so the ride home was a mess.

A.G.E. How would you define the word "yummy"?

A.A. Delicious.

A.G.E. You exude a lot of confidence. What's your stance on nudity? Are you at ease with it, and do you often find yourself in situations requiring it?

A.A. I don't have a problem with nudity as long as it's shown in an artistic way, at least for me. But I love seeing other people nude in any way, haha. The only problem with the pictures is that I can't share them on my socials since it can be a bit too much. So they wouldn't really help me in any way since I don't have an OnlyFans or something like that.

A.G.E. Your dedication to fitness is evident. Could you reveal some beauty secrets or routines that help you maintain your appealing look?

A.A. What really helped is having a strong foundation like building mass and proportions from a young age. After that, it's just a matter of keeping a routine and maintaining a low-fat percentage to show those muscles. In terms of tips, I would say intermittent fasting is a great tool to manage extra calories (like skipping one meal and having an 8-hour eating window, for example). Being around people who are in shape helps, as it creates competition and makes you work harder to not be the most out-of-shape guy in the group. Being focused always on whatever you eat, never guessing. Guilt also helps after a big meal.  

A.G.E. How has being married influenced your perspectives on intimacy and emotional bonds?

A.A. I don’t think marriage changed me too much, I am pretty much the same guy with more time since chasing girls required a lot of going out and resources haha.


A.G.E. Considering your multifaceted career journey, what insights have you garnered that have moulded your life's philosophy and career decisions?

A.A. I guess I realized that great opportunities come by themselves, but sometimes you need to create them by working harder and being visible, always being ready.


A.G.E. Reflecting on your journey, what counsel would you offer to your younger self as you set out in your modelling career, especially given the various directions you've pursued?

A.A. Self-confidence was a big downside on my part especially when I was younger, I would tell myself to believe more in my abilities and push harder.

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