Creativity and Confidence: An Interview with Gabe Morales

Creativity and Confidence: An Interview with Gabe Morales

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In this exclusive interview with Gabe Morales, we delve into the multifaceted world of creativity, self-expression, and confidence. As a model, content creator, and passionate advocate for embracing individuality, Gabe shares insights into his journey from suburban upbringing to city life, his love for storytelling and art, and his unapologetic approach to self-expression. Join us as we explore the depths of Gabe's creative spirit and uncover the secrets behind his captivating presence both on and off the camera.

Photography by Tyler Matthew Oyer | Interview by Adrian Gomis Exposito

The images are cropped/ made safe for online purposes, full images available inside Yummyzine Issue Six

Photo story by SASHA OLSEN
ADRIAN GOMIS EXPOSITO. Hi Gabe! How are you? It’s so great having you in Yummy.
GABE MORALES. I'm doing really well, thanks! It’s so great to be (in) Yummy.
AGE. Hailing from New Jersey and having lived in New York for a significant amount of time, which city would you say you prefer? In what ways do you find the lifestyles in both cities different or similar?
GM. I’m a Jersey boy at heart, but a city boy in practice. Growing up in the suburbs I always craved more energy, more creativity, and more freedom of expression, so moving to NYC felt inevitable for me and I’m so grateful I followed through. The lifestyles are very different, especially concerning the pace of life. But I’d say NYC culture heavily permeates the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT). Urban sprawl on a grand scale—a New York scale. So I quickly acclimated while retaining my core identity.
AGE. Your profile reflects a diverse range of creative interests, including music, photography, reading, design, and more. Has creativity always been a prominent aspect of your personality? Can you share a bit about your journey and the development of your passion for creation?
GM. Creative fervour has been my driving force for as long as I can remember. Even when I was in school, I remember feeling most inspired by the subject of literature, specifically the art of language and storytelling. Reading the stories of those who came before me allowed me to escape the monotony of suburban life and dream of something bigger for myself. At university, this passion for storytelling translated to the visual medium of film as I became increasingly concerned with aesthetics. I’m not a filmmaker, but I developed a deep appreciation for the artistry behind the medium. Now, my passion for creation lies somewhere in the mix between escapism and the mirror that stories can reflect on ourselves. Even a photograph tells a story, of course, and there is beauty in the dichotomy between intention and interpretation. As an adult, I find myself wanting to be surrounded by creative people who inspire me to create.
AGE. What's your all-time favourite book, and what are you currently reading?
GM. An all-time favourite of anything is always a difficult ask for me. I’m always adapting, always transforming, so my taste has changed quite a bit as I’ve grown. But I always come back to Joan Didion’s indispensable book of essays about her time in California during the 1960s, Slouching Towards Bethlehem. California had always fascinated and intrigued me when I was young and still to this day, and I also found her prose to be grounded in truth—a dark truth, albeit. I’m not reading anything at the moment but I want to read something really gay about New York, so I have David Wojnarowicz’s memoir Close to the Knives and Andrew Holleran’s Dancer from the Dance on deck. You’ll have to check back in! Eventually, I’ll read both.

AGE. Beyond your involvement in the creative realm, do you possess any hidden talents or unique abilities that not many people are aware of?
GM. I’m partially trilingual in the sense that I speak Spanish proficiently and some French. I have excellent recall and a somewhat photographic memory—perhaps a facet of my vivid imagination. I also have a great track record of correctly guessing people’s zodiac signs on the first attempt shortly after meeting them. Very useful depending on who you ask. And I can wiggle my ears!
AGE. Could you tell us about your entry into the world of modelling and content creation? What inspired you to pursue these paths, and how has the experience been so far?
GM. Growing up gay and Latino in a small, predominantly white town, I battled with a lot of insecurity about my appearance. I felt different, and at the time less confident as a result. When I left for university in the city, I really came into my own. I started working out and putting more effort into my appearance. I became friends with other creatives and a lot of those friends were photographers who knew other photographers. Eventually, this photographer with a huge Instagram following took my photos and I started getting noticed. It has since spiralled into more than I could’ve imagined. I realised I love being in front of the camera, especially in the nude. The human form is so beautiful to me. It’s also a bit of a rebellion against the limitations that stifled me as a kid. I love my body and I love to show it off, and it has definitely helped heal my inner child.
AGE. How significant is your physical appearance to you? Do you engage in regular workouts to maintain your fitness?

GM. Physical appearance is definitely not everything—I want to be the whole package. That being said, I do put a lot of effort into maintaining my appearance. I find it so sexy when a guy really takes care of himself, so I try to emulate that myself. It’s a lifestyle in the sense that I always try my best to eat well, not drink or party too much, and spend a lot of time in the gym, of course. An ideal week consists of two leg days, three upper-body workouts, maybe a sixth day if I have the energy, and at least one rest day. Beyond just looking good, it helps me feel good and stay sane.

AGE. The photoshoot you did with Tyler Matthew for Yummyzine 6 is quite distinctive. Can you share your experience of collaborating with a friend on this project?
GM. Tyler inspires me not just as a friend but also as an artist because he really is a jack of all trades. His passion for creativity is unmatched. Tyler’s art spans a lot of different media and it amazes me how he has found success in so many different realms, but his photography has recently moved closer to the forefront. Collaborating was really natural for us because we appreciate each other’s creativity, so the connection between artist and muse was already established through our friendship. It wasn’t the first time I was his subject and I’m sure it won’t be the last.
AGE. Were there any particularly enjoyable moments or anecdotes from behind the scenes that you'd like to share?
GM. We love to laugh and be silly together and I think that reflected in the shoot, notably in the shot of me mid-pushup. We were taking a quick break from shooting and I was joking around that I wanted to get a little pumped so I’d look more defined in the shots, and so I started doing push-ups. Of course, Tyler immediately whipped the camera back out.
AGE. Let's indulge in some Yummy talk. First off, what does the word "yummy" mean to you?
GM. Yummy is a state of being! It’s passion, it’s lust, it’s sexuality, it’s confidence, it’s celebration, it’s undeniable deliciousness. You know yummy when you see it, and if people see that in me, that’s quite the honour.
AGE. You exude passion and allure. What's your secret to maintaining that level of attractiveness? Do you feel sexy all the time?
GM. Thank you! Two things I am very happy to embody. For me, a big part of feeling sexy and maintaining that level of attractiveness comes from within. It’s an energy thing. When my mind and body are out of sync, that’s when I feel the least sexy. My secret is really just taking care of myself. When I spend a little time each day nurturing both my mind and my body, my confidence skyrockets and I definitely think that radiates from within. It’s evident even in photographs. The best photos happen when I am feeling my best, comfortable in my skin, and isolating thoughts of self-doubt as just that—mere thoughts I am having.
AGE. Nudity seems to be a part of your expression, whether indoors or outdoors. How does embracing nudity make you feel?
GM. First things first, I absolutely love being in the nude. If I’m home alone and it’s not too cold, I will most likely be naked. That being said, I got really comfortable being photographed in the nude at university with a close friend who was in art school and working on a project centred around his friends and depictions of intimacy, particularly nude portraits. Since then, I’ve fully embraced my body and rejected the particularly American notion that nudity is taboo. Deconstructing that has been so empowering, and has made me feel more confident in all areas of my life.

AGE. Your spicy content is a standout. What's the key to creating irresistible thirst traps, and if we were to sneak a peek into your camera roll, what could we expect to find?
GM. If I’m being totally honest, I can’t say I don’t love the attention. The key is allowing yourself to be vulnerable and really connect with the camera, which ironically isn’t always easy to do when you’re taking photos of yourself. Know your angles, catch that light, do what feels natural, and follow the rule of thirds. As for my camera roll, I wouldn’t scroll through it in public if you know what I mean. The thirst traps get a little spicier there than what you might find on Instagram. I’m a very sexual being so eroticism is often on my mind, and I love it. I also save a lot of photos that inspire me, so there are a lot of those. I’m always looking to evolve and up my game.
AGE. Switching gears a bit, what do intimacy and sex mean to you? Whether with a partner or solo, what is the aspect you find most enjoyable?
GM. Intimacy and sex are ultimately just opportunities for a deeper connection with another person. I love being gay because we allow ourselves so much freedom as a community to explore both. Sex especially is such a unique way of connecting with someone—it’s a push and pull, a reciprocal transaction of pleasure that is at once selfish and selfless and for that reason, unlike much else. For me, it’s also an opportunity to relinquish control. I tend to try to control a lot of things about my life, but when I’m having sex it’s often one of the only times I can release that, which is so liberating. Even when I’m alone, what’s most enjoyable is letting go of everything else that’s on my mind and focusing solely on the pleasure principle. Healthy escapism.

AGE. Exploring further, do you have any turn-ons, fetishes, or fantasies? How do you keep the flame alive and ensure each experience is mind-blowing?
GM. I really make an effort to act out my fantasies for the most part, and I’ve found that they’re usually just as hot as I’d imagined. I’m definitely a bit of an exhibitionist, so I find public and outdoor sex super hot. If there’s a dark room in the club or a sexy area of a gay nude beach, you’ll probably find me there. I have this specific fantasy of having sex at Boy Beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts with an audience, which is actually very doable. With any new experience, though, I try to really lean into what makes the other guy tick while also making sure my needs and desires are met, and I keep an open mind when it comes to fetishes. I firmly believe what keeps the flame alive is striving for maximum pleasure for both you and your partner.

AGE. Finally, what dreams are you still pursuing, and do you have any future goals you'd like to share?
GM. I’m always dreaming of the next big thing. I want to continue to collaborate with artists that inspire me while also focusing more on my own creative pursuits, especially my writing. I’d love to have my work published someday. And although I love living in New York, eventually I’d like to move to Los Angeles and open some new doors of opportunity. I’m always working on being a better version of myself, and sometimes a new environment catalyzes that by pushing me out of my comfort zone. For now, I’ve got some exciting projects in the works and hopefully, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me in your feed!

YUMMYZINE ISSUE 6 - is on waitlist. It will be printed at the end of March/ beginning of April 2024

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