A Yummy Casting Call!

Thank you for applying to be a Yummy model. Please use the form below.

The talent that has been in Yummy and Yummyzine has been diverse and gorgeous. Top models, new faces, fitness trainers, entertainers, TikTok stars and completely unknown talent. We have a rosta of the best photographers in the world, so why not be photographed with artestry and imagination to capture the beauty of your nude form.

Full terms can be found on our website and model release forms
You will be asked to sign a release form when you, your photographer, or your agent submit the story you appear in. We will be checking that you have been treated with respect and that all safeguarding precautions have been adhered to. Should you experience anything that made you uncomfortable before, during, or after the shooting of this work, please do let us know.
  1. Images submitted, cannot be published anywhere else before the publication and delivery to customers of the issue your work appears in. They have to be exclusive to Yummy.
  2. Submitting work or being on the Yummy talent database, doesn't guarantee your work will appear in the magazine. All successful contributions will be notified after the submission deadline.
  3. You agree that our editors have final say in which, some, or all of your works are used.
  4. If a complete story isn't used in the print magazine we reserve the right to publish the full story in our digital magazine. Therefore please do not promote any images without letting us know first.
  5. Submitted, successfully accepted stories will be published online, in social media, in email and in print. We will use censored versions of you/ the photo story in public online platforms and a small selection of uncensored images to our community. You can opt out of the marketing of uncensored images, please do this in writing/ by email. You agree not to publish your Yummy work until the magazine has been packed and sent out to customers (we don't ever want to ruin the surprise). Once we publish your work online, you are free to publish and promote yourselves. If you want to release teaser content, please get in touch with Alex before you do so we can support you in this.

Further terms apply, see the submission forms and waivers and our submissions page:

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