Exploring Identity and Passion: An Interview with Barista Zak Smith - Yummy Issue 7

Exploring Identity and Passion: An Interview with Barista Zak Smith - Yummy Issue 7

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In a captivating interview with Zak Smith, a charismatic barista and nightlife enthusiast based in Melbourne's vibrant CBD, we delve into the intricacies of his life, his passions, and his unique perspective on the world. With a candid and unapologetic demeanor, Zak shares insights into his experiences as a multifaceted individual navigating both the bustling café scene and the electrifying nightlife of Melbourne. From his flirty charm to his dedication to fitness, Zak's journey is a testament to self-expression, exploration, and the pursuit of pleasure. Join us as we explore Zak's thoughts on work, identity, relationships, and the delightful aspects of life that make it truly "yummy."

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Photo story by Sasha Olsen
Hello Zak, it’s a pleasure chatting with you! How are you doing? How’s life treating you lately?
I’m in a really good place at the moment. I've been traveling overseas for the past few months and am starting to settle back into my routine here in Melbourne.
As a barista in Melbourne's CBD, what drew you to this special job position, and what do you enjoy most about your work at the cafe? I’m sure you have some fun anecdotes with customers.
I’m a Jack of all trades at my cafe—some days I'm out front, some days I'm in the kitchen, but mostly I'm making coffee. I'm everyone's resident bisexual barista.
Not only that, but you also work in the nightlife entertainment scene. Being a part of it must be pretty exciting. What do you find most rewarding about working in these industries?
Many of my friends work in bars for hospitality or entertainment, so I'm always invited to a few events throughout the week. However, the highlight is meeting all the new and exciting people. Meeting new people was actually my main reason for traveling. I've always believed there are so many people to love that you haven't met yet.
With your busy schedule of working at the cafe and being involved in nightlife, how do you manage to find time for reading, cooking, and posting TikToks, which seem to be your other passions?
Between work and the gym, where I spend six days a week, I'm cooking to meet my protein intake or reading to make up for my crazy nightlife. I don't have much time to create TikToks, so a lot of my posts are just funny moments I've captured with friends.
You mentioned being a stereotypical bisexual barista. How has your identity influenced your experiences in your work and social life and vice versa?
I am unapologetically flirty; it's a part of my personality. I love to love, and it makes working in hospitality and nightlife much more enjoyable since everyone wants to get along with you.
I’m also surprised that you mentioned being at the gym six days a week. What motivates you to maintain such a rigorous fitness routine, and how has it impacted your overall well-being? Moreover, how do you keep up with your schedule?
I started working out during lockdown when I had nothing better to do. I began quite skinny, and now my friends envy that I can eat whatever I like, which has transformed into abs and arms. Thanks to this routine, every day feels like a cheat day.
TikTok has become a popular platform for content creators. What type of content do you typically post on TikTok, and how do you engage with your audience?
People often ask me how to build a following on TikTok, to which I laugh and explain that in my case, it's pure luck. My friends create content related to fashion, piercing, tattooing, dancing, and even drag. Meanwhile, I share thirst traps and blurry videos from nights out, which the "For You" page seems to love.
Melbourne has a vibrant and diverse LGBTQ+ community. How has the city's atmosphere and culture influenced your experiences and interactions?
Having traveled across Australia, I'm incredibly proud of our LGBTQ+ community. I find other places to be more homophobic and less accepting, and some gay scenes can be quite toxic. Melbourne, on the other hand, feels like a safe space for everyone to explore their gender and sexual identity, which encourages me to express my own.
With your active social life, I’m sure you’ve discovered a lot of things from the community. Which are the most clarifying things you’ve learned through the years, either regarding sexuality, self-expression, identity, or anything related?
The simplest lesson I've learned, and continue to learn every day, is to not make assumptions about anything. Always form your own opinions. You might be missing out on experiences based on someone else's views. The world is full of opportunities, and it's your responsibility to try everything.
Yummy 7 has the incredible pleasure of having you with the marvelous story you did with Sasha Olsen. How open are you about being fully naked in front of the camera and how was this experience for you?
Your body is a temple, and you are the deity to which it is devoted. It should be treated and decorated as you see fit. Being nude in front of the camera with Sasha taught me that nudity isn't always sexual; sometimes, it's just our bodies in their rawest, unfiltered form.
I’m sure you have a very interesting definition of the word yummy. What comes to your mind when you think about this word?
When I think of "yummy," I associate it with pleasure. The world is brimming with pleasures like food and art, and we should indulge in them all.
We mentioned having fun anecdotes with customers, but have you had any romantic, sexy, or hot interactions either during your shift as a barista or when you work in the nightlife scene?
After two years, it's no coincidence that many of my regulars show up to the cafe only after I've opened Grindr for the day. Additionally, on a night out in Melbourne, I'm always thrilled to meet new and attractive people. Melbourne is home to the most eccentric characters, and I always welcome their efforts.
What’s one thing that drives you crazy, in a sexy way, about another person? Name a physical trait or attitude you instantly notice and that makes you feel the rush.
While it's always nice to receive a compliment, a simple "you're pretty" from a stranger melts me every time. And even though I deny having a specific "type," I have to admit that blonde curls on anyone leave me utterly starstruck.
How would you define your relationship with sex? Is it important for you? If so, do you have any fantasies, turn-ons, or any specific thing that makes the experience ten times better?
For me, it's all about chemistry. I never plan for it, but I'm always excited when I connect with someone and things progress to the bedroom. It's all about the pheromones and attraction. Since these are intangible qualities, I don't actively seek out someone I'm attracted to; I wait until I've found someone with whom I feel that magnetic pull.
Looking ahead, what are your hopes and aspirations for the future, both in your career and personal life? Is there a particular direction you would like to see yourself heading in the coming years?
At 22, I'm not as stressed about finding myself as some of my friends. My dream career would involve some form of modeling, perhaps runway or editorial work. In the meantime, I'm working towards owning my own cafe. I envision owning a small business somewhere on the coast, and continuing my journey as the resident bisexual barista.


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