A Dialogue with Ross Hindmarch, an Innovative Creator

A Dialogue with Ross Hindmarch, an Innovative Creator

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Step into the world of Ross Hindmarch, a creative adventurer always seeking fresh experiences.

With an extensive career in the fashion industry, gracing the pages of publications like L'Officiel and GQ, and walking for prestigious brands like Tod's and Versace, this conversation provides a glimpse into the mind of a creator thriving on exploration, innovation, and the pure joy of creation.

Ross shares insights into the industry, his journey to where he is now, his latest projects, and his unyielding drive to take risks. You'll be inspired by the passion that propels his life's journey. Join us on this voyage of discovery and witness the boundless potential of a mind untamed by convention.

Photo story of ROSS HINDMARCH @the.one.time by SASHA OLSEN @sashaxolsen, interview by Adrian Gomis Exposito @adriange_

The images are cropped / made safe for online purposes, full images available inside Yummy Issue Eight. An edit of the story is inside the issue.

ADRIAN GOMIS EXPOSITO. Hey Ross! How wonderful it is to have you in Yummy. How are you?
ROSS HINDMARCH. I'm well, thank you for asking!
A.G.E. Before venturing into modelling, you held a variety of jobs, ranging from a dog walker to a barista, factory worker, and even in marketing. However, you were also a Marine Engineer in the Royal Navy. Why did you choose such diverse career paths, and what was your experience like in the Royal Navy?
R.H. It wasn't that I intentionally set out to have a diverse career path. I'm sure everyone would love to try many things. Whether they do or not is a whole other thing, but we have to try things to know if they're for us or not. Through trying, we learn more about ourselves, and there's no loss in trying. My experience in the Royal Navy? Well, that's a whole story of its own.
A.G.E. As we just mentioned, you also delved into modelling and, we must admit, with a significant degree of success. You've graced the covers of magazines such as L'Officiel and have been featured in other renowned publications like GQ. You've walked for prestigious brands like Tod's and Versace and collaborated with top photographers, including Mariano Vivanco. How did you enter the modelling industry, and how was your experience during those years? Do you look back fondly on those days?
R.H. Thank you, I like to say, 'completed it, mate' – yes, haha! To cut a long story short, I was catapulted into modelling after winning a British version of 'America's Next Top Model' on national TV. There were many contestants, whittled down to 3, and those 3 went to a public vote to decide the winner. The majority of the public happened to bless me with their vote. I am both proud and grateful for that and very thankful to Unsigned Management, who went above and beyond to help and guide me during those times, particularly Gavin Myall and Cesar Perin. They are amongst the best in the business. Do I look back fondly on those days? Yes and no. To put it simply, I wish I had the wisdom I have now back then; it would have profoundly changed my experience.

A.G.E. Having navigated both the worlds of fashion modelling and adult content creation, you seem quite happy with your journey and the place you are now. Yet, by posing for 'Yummy', it appears as though you're revisiting your past as a model, especially when you'll be featured alongside some of the industry's top current models. What prompted this decision, and what significance does this shoot hold for you?
R.H. I am very happy, yes, thank you for asking. To be honest, I haven't thought about it that deeply. I hadn't heard of Yummy until Sasha Olsen approached me to shoot for the magazine. The world of fashion is something that doesn't really capture my attention, and that's not to diminish it. Many people are passionate about that world; I'm just not one of them. However, I do like to keep fit and healthy, which, like with Yummy Magazine, has these two worlds colliding. So the significance of this shoot for me is that it creates more interesting content for followers of my work, and I have a lot of time and respect for these followers. I enjoy giving them the best I can.
A.G.E. Everyone knows that "sex sells." In an era marked by the hypersexualization of fashion, where the imagery of the porn industry heavily influences mainstream aesthetics, it's paradoxical that there remains a stigma from agencies and certain clients against models who decide to venture into popular platforms for adult content creation. Given your personal journey through this landscape, why do you believe such reservations persist in today's society? Moreover, what advice would you extend to any model contemplating also doing adult content or even just having a personal page with sexier images, especially when they might risk their standing in the fashion industry?
R.H. It is ironic, yes, that some in the fashion world see the adult industry as anything too different; they are almost the same to me a lot of the time. I've worked on shoots for big-name brands in very expensive settings within the fashion industry, and these settings required me to be fully naked with around 6-8 other people being very sexual with one another, surrounded by a full crew of people being shot by a porn industry photographer, all in the name of fashion. The fashion world prepared me for the adult industry; I wouldn't be in it without the experience. Also, in the fashion world, the big issue is payment and time. The fashion world demands a lot of your time, especially when casting. If I'm out casting, then I can't be working, and if I'm not working, I can't be making money, money that I need to cover expenses like getting to castings. This brings me to OnlyFans. If I'm expected not to be paid in the 'Fashion World,' then it's only fair to assume I'll have to bring in money elsewhere to support myself for castings, shoots, etc. However, you couldn't work a regular 9-5 job if you want to attend castings all day during the working day. A platform such as OnlyFans makes this possible, but some in the fashion world like to pretend they are above it.
What advice would I give? I'd say, do what makes you happy, don't do anything that doesn't feel right for you, and follow your beliefs. Don't let anyone or anything influence a decision that is yours.
A.G.E. What is it like to earn a living as an adult content creator? Could you discuss some of the challenges and rewards associated with this profession? Additionally, what are some of the critiques you've had to confront?
R.H. In short, it's great! It gives me what I truly need, which is time. With that time, I can pursue my true passions, such as music, art, creativity, outdoor activities, and new experiences. Like any profession, it's not without its hardships. You're essentially running your own business/brand, and you have to nurture it as such.
A.G.E. You really love playing the guitar, making music, gaming, and streaming. You also enjoy learning and researching about things that interest you. Can you tell us more about these hobbies? Where did your love for music start and how do you keep it going every day?
R.H. My love for music came from my mom and dad, listening to their music while growing up, especially my dad. He introduced me to rock 'n' roll and grunge music, which got me hooked on the guitar from a young age. That eventually led to my obsession with blues music, with Rory Gallagher being my main source of musical inspiration most of the time. Most of my interests involve being creative or working with my hands, and I feel happy doing it. Sometimes it can feel like my duty, but as they say, the devil makes work for idle hands, so it's good to keep them busy. I'll research any topic I find interesting and follow that rabbit hole until I feel I've found the answers I seek, sometimes never finding an answer but gaining more knowledge along the way, I suppose.

A.G.E. Since we started talking about your passions and given that music plays such an important role in your life, what's your favourite type of music? Do you have a particular artist you'd like to recommend to us?
R.H. That's an easy one for me – Rory Gallagher. He's one of the greatest guitarists to ever grace the planet.
A.G.E. Your physique is truly impressive, and while gym sessions can sometimes feel tedious, you still have a fondness for it. How do you keep yourself motivated to stick with a regular fitness routine, and what positive impacts does it have on you?
R.H. Thank you. Several factors keep me motivated. First and foremost, it's my job, and I view it as an integral part of my content creation. There's a constant voice in my head pushing me to go on the days when I'd rather not, and I find it challenging to ignore that voice. However, in the end, it not only keeps me physically fit and strong but also mentally sharp. My gym sessions are often long and intensive, and completing each session feels like conquering a mountain. Enduring through the workout and then resting afterwards is a satisfying accomplishment.

A.G.E. Now that we've gotten to know Ross better, let's explore "Wolver Peen," your alias as an adult content creator. Who exactly is Wolver Peen, and how does this persona differ from the real you? Are you the same individual off-camera as you present yourself on your x-rated platforms?
R.H. Wolver Peen is just me, to be honest. It's one of the reasons I came up with the name Wolver Peen. It's silly and funny, not meant to be taken seriously. People can be overly serious when it comes to the adult industry, but that's not my approach. The name is a humorous way to pay tribute to that.
A.G.E. You describe yourself as a highly sexual person, which aligns with your current profession. In what ways do you view yourself as sexual? Could you elaborate on this aspect of your personality?
R.H. I think the answer to your question can be found by taking a look at my Twitter or OnlyFans.

A.G.E. I'd like to get into your experience shooting for Yummy. What motivated you to accept Sasha as the photographer for this shoot, especially given the significant gap since your last professional photoshoot? Do you have any amusing anecdotes or behind-the-scenes stories from that day you'd be willing to share?
R.H. After I had reviewed Sasha's previous work, I was happy to do a shoot with him. He's a highly skilled and passionate photographer. I loved the intention and natural, unforced feel of his photos. We had a great few days shooting together, and I'd like to emphasize how respectful and professional he was. It was very refreshing!

A.G.E. Speaking of shooting naked and showcasing your impressive talents, I'm curious about your personal feelings towards nudity. Is it natural for you to be naked around the house or even occasionally outdoors?
R.H. I mean, yeah, being naked isn't something I give much thought. I don't consider it a big deal; I don't dwell on it. There's nothing better than cranking up the heating and lounging around the house nude, and being naked outdoors is always fun!

A.G.E. We're diving into the more spicy part of our interview now. So, let's kick it off with our signature question: What does the word ‘yummy’ mean to you?
R.H. Delicious, something tasteful.

A.G.E. Has there ever been a moment where you were unexpectedly caught in the act? And in that instance, or even generally, do you find that the risk or potential for being discovered adds an extra layer of excitement to the situation?
R.H. Maybe. And, of course, adding risk to anything can make it more exciting, don't you think?
A.G.E. Considering your adventurous and quite open-minded, would you be willing to delve a bit deeper and share one of your hottest stories?
R.H. I'm sure they might be too much even for a magazine like Yummy!

A.G.E. Do you have any sexual fantasies that you're keen to explore or perhaps even fulfil someday?
R.H. I’ve fulfilled many of my sexual fantasies, but every time you fulfil one another takes its place, right?

A.G.E. I'd like to conclude this interview by expressing how genuinely inspiring your story is. Thank you for your captivating honesty. As we look ahead: Where do you see your path taking you? Are there upcoming projects or new avenues you're excited to venture into in life?
R.H. Thank you for having me! I’m always working on something new and looking for new things to create! There are many exciting things ahead and I can’t wait to share them!



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