Life, Ambitions, and Adventures: A Conversation with Juan José Lemos Garces

Life, Ambitions, and Adventures: A Conversation with Juan José Lemos Garces

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In this engaging conversation, we delve into the life, ambitions, and adventures of Juan José Lemos Garces, a model and explorer hailing from the vibrant country of Colombia. Juan José shares his unique journey, from the streets of his Colombian neighbourhood to the world of modelling and beyond. Through his words, we gain insight into the beauty of his homeland, his passion for travel, and his dreams for the future. Join us as we explore his experiences, both on and off the camera, and discover the fascinating world of this multifaceted individual.

Photo story by ALE RAMIREZ, interview by Adrian Gomis Exposito

The images are cropped/ made safe for online purposes, full images available inside Yummyzine Issue Five

ADRIAN GOMIS EXPOSITO: Hi Juan, I really appreciate you taking the time to chat with us. How are you?
JUAN JOSÉ LEMOS GARCES: Hello Andrian, very well, thank you. It's a pleasure for me to be here on Yummy with you. I appreciate you very much for this space.
A.G.E.: You were born in Cali, Colombia. What’s the thing you love the most about your hometown, and what’s it like growing up there? Do you have good childhood memories?
J.J.L.G.: Yes, I'm from Cali, that's where I was born, but I grew up in a very small city 30 minutes from Cali called Palmira. Growing up in Colombia means getting used to going to farms and celebrating birthdays or gatherings in the countryside with your family and friends. It's playing a lot of soccer in the parks. I had a very free childhood. They protected me, but not more than necessary. I used to go out every day to play on the streets of my neighbourhood, games like "cops and robbers," "hide and seek," and "tag" in my time; the fun was in the streets and not inside the house in front of a cell phone.
A.G.E.: As a Colombian, what do you think most differentiates you from the rest of the world? Why is Colombia so wonderful?
J.J.L.G.: I feel that Colombia has a magic that we share with many other countries in Latin America. We are very cheerful. Despite the adversities and complications that our country has, we always try to see the positive side of things and enjoy each day. Colombia is wonderful because, in addition to its cheerful and friendly people, we also have magical natural landscapes bursting with life everywhere. We enjoy both oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic, the Caribbean Sea, Andean landscapes full of mountains, and the Amazon rainforest; we are the second most biodiverse country in the world and the country with the most paramos. This combination of biomes and joy makes Colombia a wonderful and unique place in the world.
A.G.E.: Professionally speaking, you work as a model, although you tell me that you have been a bit retired lately. How and what made you start in the modelling industry? Tell us about your ambitions as a model and what you mean by being retired.
J.J.L.G.: Yes, I work as a model, I started a long time ago when I was in college. I started hanging out with a friend who was a model, and he introduced me to a lot of people in the industry, including the owner of the agency he was with. He told me I had the potential to model, so I made the decision to join his agency, and that's how it all started. As a model, I always had the ambition to work with a well-known European brand, participate in campaigns, appear in commercials, and see a picture of myself in clothing stores or in advertisements. So far, the only thing left for me to achieve is to work with a well-known European brand. I have stepped back from modelling a bit because I have dedicated myself to another type of economic activity, OnlyFans, which in my opinion is somewhat related, just in a different way.
A.G.E.: Of the jobs you've done so far as a model, which one are you most proud of or what type of jobs motivate you the most?
J.J.L.G.: Once, there was a campaign I participated in for a Colombian brand called QUEST. I really liked that day because I felt like I gave it my all; we made a very cool video and some great photos, and I saw myself on the walls of a nationwide store for the first time. That day I felt very happy because I felt like I had achieved a goal I had in mind. I really enjoy working on clothing campaigns, but without a doubt, what I enjoy the most are fashion editorials. I love art, and when I model for an editorial, I feel like I'm modelling in a deeper artistic way, unlike when I do it for a commercial brand.
A.G.E.: You also love to travel, and your dream is to travel the world. Where does that dream come from, and why do you like to travel so much? What types of destinations are your favourites?
J.J.L.G.: Yes, I love travelling. Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated by the mysteries that surround this world. I loved watching Animal Planet, realizing that there are so many incredible animals of different sizes, colours, and shapes. I watched the History Channel, and I was amazed by the immense historical value that some places have, making them unique and recognized worldwide, like the pyramids of Egypt, Machu Picchu, the Great Wall of China, etc. Since then, I have dreamed of travelling the world, seeing and experiencing each of these magical places with the wonderful and rare creatures we have here on our planet Earth.
A.G.E.: You did a photo shoot with photographer Ale Ramirez for Yummyzine 5, and you were accompanied by Marin. You have a very good connection, and it shows that you had fun. How was this experience for you? Is this your first time taking nude photos?
J.J.L.G.: This experience was phenomenal for me. It was an honour to work with Alejo and Marín; both are very professional in what they do, and we had a wonderful synergy working together. Besides the good connection between us, the location was also incredible; the beaches of Sicily in Noto are beautiful and greatly contributed to the good result. It was my first time doing photos as a model outside of Colombia, so it was very exciting. I had done nude photos before, but it was the first time I did them for a magazine, and a recognized one like Yummy at that.
A.G.E.: Now I would like to ask you a couple of “yummy” questions. First, what meaning do you give to the word “yummy”?
J.J.L.G.: For me, Yummy means delicious, in a sexy, hot, and spicy tone. It gives me the impression that if I buy a Yummy magazine and read it, I'm sure I'll enjoy its content!
A.G.E.: You told me that you are a very free person. What do you mean by that?
J.J.L.G.: I like to live life without complications or attachments, more than I voluntarily put on myself. I like to make my own decisions and take responsibility for them. I don't like to depend on someone else, nor do I want someone else to depend on me. I believe that the basis of my happiness lies in having freedom and using it to enjoy doing what I love with the people I care about.
A.G.E.: What do you think makes another person attractive? What is the sexiest thing you consider in another person?
J.J.L.G.: In terms of personality, I think someone cordial is extremely attractive, someone kind, intelligent, and neat is a 10/10 for me. As for physical traits, I find smooth and healthy skin, well-cared-for lips, shapely legs, and eyes that reflect tenderness very sexy.
A.G.E. In all your photos you look really attractive, and I saw that you have OnlyFans. How do you exploit your beauty on this platform? Do you have many fans who tell you things through direct messages?
J.J.L.G. Thank you very much! Yes, I have an OnlyFans account. On the platform, I like to use my body as a means to express eroticism and bring it into the light. It's about showcasing the eroticism that everybody naturally possesses, and I want to capture it forcefully in my photos. OnlyFans has been a journey in which I have learned a lot and opened up to exploring my body and breaking down many taboos that society had implanted in me.
A.G.E. Do you enjoy watching porn? If you do, what type of porn do you watch and how does it influence your sexual fantasies?
J.J.L.G. Yes, I watch porn, but not from the major studios like Pornhub. I find amateur porn very interesting, the kind you find on X, created by independent content creators who sell photos and videos through Telegram or WhatsApp, people like you and me, who are at home and decide to record themselves with their phones in front of the mirror; that's the type of porn I consume the most.
A.G.E. Could you tell us about any crazy experience you have had?
J.J.L.G. Once, a long time ago, I was just starting out in modelling, and someone from Mexico contacted me; he wanted to take me to Mexico to work with him. At the time, we were at Colombiamoda (the largest fashion fair in Colombia), and I was participating in some runway shows. He came to Colombia with one of his artists to participate in the fair, and we took the opportunity to meet in person. I saw the opportunity and, seeing that it was real, I went for it and accepted his proposal. I was 22 years old, and it was the first time I was leaving my country, and it was with someone I had only seen once. Before arriving in Mexico, there was a layover in Panama where we had to stay for a day, and then we would travel to Mexico. He was waiting for me in Panama. When I arrived, we went shopping in the morning, the day seemed normal, but when the afternoon came, and we went to the hotel room, he showed his true intentions of having a sexual relationship with me. I already knew something like that could happen, so I tried to handle the situation as best as possible, subtly avoiding it until I couldn't anymore, and I told him I couldn't do it. He looked at me with disappointment and left me alone for the rest of the day. I had nothing more than a small suitcase with clothes and no money. In the evening, he returned and, with an angry face, he said, "Your return ticket to Colombia is in your email; you leave tomorrow at noon." I didn't really feel angry or disappointed; on the contrary, I was calm and happy that I had a ticket back to my country to feel safe again. It was a crazy experience that turned into a good anecdote to tell,
A.G.E. Lastly, beyond your modelling career, what other ambitions and goals do you have for your future?
J.J.L.G. Really, the ambition I have now, or what I would like to become in the future, is a natural life photographer, like those from National Geographic, and create content for social media about my experiences travelling and discovering new magical and mysterious places. I want to capture rare and spectacular moments and show them to the world through my social media. That's my big ambition now.

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