Yummy Interview with Adrián Silvén  for Yummy 5

Yummy Interview with Adrián Silvén for Yummy 5

ADRIAN GOMIS EXPOSITO TALKS TO ADRIÁN SILVÉN ABOUT NUDITY, BEING HORNY, WORK AND SO MUCH MORE. You may be a bit hot and bothered by the time you finish looking and reading about his debut in Yummy Issue 5.

ADRIAN GOMIS EXPOSITO. Could you tell me about yourself? How would you describe yourself?

ADRIÁN SILVÉN. If I had to describe myself, I would say that I am still a child even though I don’t have anything of a child because I’m 28 years old. I was born in A Coruña, a beautiful city in Galicia in the north of Spain, and I recently moved to Madrid two months ago. Even though A Coruña is beautiful and I love living there, I feel like I needed more and Madrid is bigger and offers more possibilities. What I like the most are the sea and water sports. Indeed, those are some of the things I miss the most from Coruña, and I also love traveling. I studied Marketing but I have never worked professionally in any position related to it but I hope I have the chance to because the company I work in has a marketing department. I currently work in an environmental company as a manager in charge of the north of Spain.

AGE. How do you see your professional and your personal future? What would you like to be doing in the recent future?

AS: Professionally, as I mentioned, I would love to work in the marketing department and focus my career more on the marketing and advertising department because I think it’s more creative and because I’m bored in my current position, that’s why I adventure into these kinds of projects like modeling, photography and such to escape my routine.

Yummy Interview with Adrián Silvén yummyzine.com
Yummy Interview with Adrián Silvén yummyzine.com
Yummy Interview with Adrián Silvén yummyzine.com
Yummy Interview with Adrián Silvén yummyzine.com

AGE. Do you work professionally as a model?

AS: Actually, I am not a professional model. I’m just doing this to escape my routine and I don’t even know how did I make it here in the first place as well as how I am being featured in Yummy. However, I would love to do something related to modeling in the future because it has always interested me and it would be a dream. I hope appearing in Yummy helps me to do so!

AGE. You appear in Yummy Issue 5. What was the experience like? Was it your first time posing in front of a camera fully naked for a big publication? How do you feel about it?

AS. The experience with Yummy was really amazing but I have to tell you that it took me some time to reach the decision to appear in it because showing yourself fully naked in a publication that literally everyone sees it’s not an easy decision. But after thinking about it, I loved that they fixed my eyes on me without me being a model or anything, so I just went for it. I loved the idea and I don’t care who sees me naked.

Yes, it was my first time posing fully naked. In the beginning, I was so nervous, but after some time I was like ‘I don’t care, photograph me in any pose you like, take pics of my dick, of anything you like. I only care if I look gorgeous and beautiful.’  

During the photoshoot and even now I feel incredibly good. I was scared that I wouldn’t like the pics, but I saw them right there on Sasha Olsen’s camera and I loved them. I was living my best fantasy haha. And then I wanted more and as I keep seeing more pics I wanted more and more!

AGE. Your physique is incredible and youre gorgeous. Do you follow any beauty or workout routines? Do you have any secrets to looking so good?

AS. I currently don’t follow any routine, I just try to go to the gym 3-4 times per week. It’s true that four years ago I wasn’t in a good shape as I am today. I didn’t like my body so I hired a personal trainer who helped me look as I wanted to look and achieve my goals. I just try to keep that now. Regarding skincare, I don’t even use a moisturizer, but I do love to get a haircut every week.  

AGE. On your social media platforms, you usually upload really sexy content with great attention to the body and nudity. How do you feel when youre naked? In which situations do you enjoy being naked the most?

AS. To be honest, I feel freaking incredible when I’m naked. And if it’s summer, I love being naked by the beach, not just for me but also to turn up the heat and arouse and excite a little bit the rest of the people on the beach.

AGE. I believe that eroticism is really important to you because your photos are really erotic or at least have that erotic approach. What does eroticism mean to you and how important is it in your private and sexual life?

AS. Eroticism is really really important to me. I don’t care what time of the year it is, or if it is by looking at someone in the eyes, wearing tight speedos, lying on the bed… I need that. That’s what pushes me, what makes me meet up with other people. Without that feeling, everything’s really different.

AGE. I also want to know your yummiest side: what you love about sex, what turns you on, if you like playing games, or what a sexual encounter needs to have for you to consider it good sex.

AS. I love when sex starts with that eroticism when you meet someone that can turn you on just by talking or by looking at you. If I don’t have that, I don’t feel the same during sex. I don’t have any type of preferred body type or any favorite features of a person, the physical appearance doesn’t mean that much to me. But I do like determined and active people who actually do things and take action in bed. And for me, the best sex is that - the type of sex that combines the pure wildness of sex with a little bit of love and care. If I have that, the best encounter could happen anywhere, from my bedroom to the backseat of my car —really anywhere— and that turns me on a little bit too haha.

AGE. Do you have any sexual fantasies and fetishes?

AS. Apart from what I mentioned about doing it in the backseat of a car, probably stopping the car just to have some fun, playing on the beach and doing things in the water. And well, I also love to have fun in the shower.


AGE. Do you like to feel desired and make people horny when they look at you?

AS. This is my favorite question. I love feeling desired and arousing everyone around me. I get wet when I get that feeling. I think everyone loves it, especially everyone that appears in this project. I love feeling desired so I try to make it happen more often to feel like that because I just enjoy it so so much.

AGE. What do you hide in your hiddenfolder of your camera roll or in your bedside table?

AS. In my ‘hidden’ folder you can only find one thing: nudes, nudes, and more nudes. Mine or from any other person that sends them to me. The first thing you see when you enter my room is a big photo of me naked, so that already gives you a clue of what you’ll find inside. And on my bedside table, you can find a lot of briefs, each one of them narrower and tighter than the previous one, and between those probably some lube or many other things.

AGE. To conclude, which piece of advice has affected you the most in your life? What is for you the most important thing in life today and how do you think it would change in the future?

AS. The phrase that has affected the most in my life, and which I have tattooed on my forearm is: ‘what it’s for you will be for you even if you try to avoid it, and what it’s not for you will not be for you even if you step in front of it.’ That’s the tip I’d give to everyone, to not live worried or trying to force things because that just makes you a bitter person.

At the moment, the most important thing for me is good health, mine and my loved ones’ because I feel like if that goes wrong, all the plans that I have would go to waste. I just want to keep traveling, partying, and keeping my job, and if I have more modeling opportunities I would be incredibly thankful for that because it’s like an escape from my life. I just want to keep enjoying life.

Adrián Silvén photographed by Sasha Olsen is in Yummy Issue 5

Photographed by Sasha Olsen in Sintra, Portugal
Interview by Adrian Gomis Exposito (AGE)

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