Aaron Owen: Beyond the Physique

Aaron Owen: Beyond the Physique

In the captivating world of Yummy, we had the privilege to sit down with the enigmatic Aaron Owen, the charismatic model and actor whose journey from the East Coast to the West has been as diverse as his multitude of interests. From a nomadic childhood, frequent school changes, and a successful sports career to gracing the cover of Yummy 8, Aaron opens up about his life, passions, and the unique experiences that have shaped him. Join us in this exclusive interview where Aaron shares insights into his upbringing, love for literature and travel, the fusion of athleticism and aesthetics, and his ventures in the realms of modelling and acting. Get ready for a journey beyond the physique, delving into the mind and spirit of Aaron Owen.

Photo story of marian rey @aaronnowenn by SASHA OLSEN @sashaxolsen, interview by Adrian Gomis Exposito @adriange_

The images are cropped / made safe for online purposes, full images available inside Yummy Issue Eight

ADRIAN GOMIS EXPOSITO. Hey Aaron! It's delightful to have you in Yummy, and I'm even more thrilled to be chatting with you. How's everything going?

AARON OWEN. Hey! Thanks for having me be a part of Yummy, and everything is going amazing! Enjoying life and the eventful journey it is taking me on.

A.G.E. I understand you were born in Cape May, New Jersey, but currently reside in Los Angeles. Could you share a bit about your upbringing in New Jersey and what prompted the move to LA? How has your lifestyle changed since then?

A.O. I was born in Cape May but I was only there for about 8 months and then moved to good ol’ LA. I grew up in LA and other cities in Southern California, but I have now lived in Las Vegas for the past 6 years. Yes, there is more to Vegas than just the strip.

A.G.E. I believe during your childhood, you changed schools frequently. What was the reason behind that, and how do you think it shaped your character? What impact did it have on you?

A.O. So growing up, I went to 13 different schools due to my mom’s job. She was a property manager of apartment complexes, so we jumped around a lot from city to city. I think moving so much in my childhood had an extremely positive impact on my character. It allowed me to learn how to meet new people and be more personable. It also allowed me to see life from many different perspectives and shaped how I manoeuvre through my life today. I’m big on seeing situations from all perspectives and not just my own. Moving a lot as a child helped shape and mould that characteristic.

A.G.E. It seems like you have a diverse set of hobbies, with a particular passion for reading. Can you share some of your favourite titles and what draws you to them?

A.O. I thoroughly enjoy reading. Kind of a closet nerd, but I love it. My all-time favourite series is hands down Harry Potter, but I’m a big thinker, and I enjoy reading books that make me think and allow me to apply what I read. A majority of the books I read are in the personal empowerment realm.

A.G.E. Given your love for travelling and trying new dishes, could you name a country you've enjoyed visiting that also boasts fantastic food? And on the topic of food, what would you say is your absolute favourite dish?

A.O. I recently just went to Italy for 10 days, and the food was unreal! I think I ate and drank my weight in pasta, pizza, and Aperol Spritz. My favourite dish is a tough question because I’m a big food person, but if I could eat dessert every meal without having to worry about my health I would. Huge sweets guy!

A.G.E. I also noticed your interest in sports and their positive impact on physical appearance. Are you a skilled baseball player?

A.O. Sports have been a part of my life since I was 4 years old. I was always outside playing some kind of sport. I did play collegiate baseball and moved on to play pro baseball as well. I loved that part of my life, and it was an extremely cool experience.

A.G.E. How do you maintain your fitness and achieve such a fantastic physique? What's the key to having a body as stunning as yours?

A.O. I get this question a lot and think about it a lot too. What I have come up with is what keeps me in shape and achieving a great physique is discipline and dedication. You have to want it, but not only that, you have to show up each day even when you don’t want to AKA discipline. People lack discipline, which is a recipe for failing before you even get started.

A.G.E. In terms of your professional life, you're involved in both modelling and acting. How did you get started in these fields, and what aspects do you enjoy the most about your work?

A.O. Throughout high school and into college, my teammates would always joke around and tell me I needed to start modelling and acting. I always just laughed it off knowing baseball was my future. Well, fast forward to when I stopped playing baseball when I was 23, I took my teammates up on their comments and sent my photos to a modelling agency, and they signed me, and the rest is history.

A.G.E. I heard you made an appearance on the TV show Love Island USA Season 2. Can you share your thoughts on that unique and perhaps crazy experience?

A.O. I did appear on Love Island USA S2, and it was an awesome experience! I was Casa Amor, which meant me and a group of 4 guys came into the villa in the middle of the show and tried to stay in the villa with a girl. I was able to find a connection and stay on the show, but stuff didn’t go the way I wanted, and I was voted off the show after a couple of weeks. But the whole experience was amazing, and I enjoyed it all!

A.G.E. Let's delve into your Yummy shoot. The story you captured with Sasha Olsen for Yummy 8 left many of us speechless due to how stunning you looked. Are you satisfied with the outcome, and what were your feelings during the photoshoot?

A.O. The shoot with Sasha was amazing! I love how it turned out. It felt very stoic and artistic in a way. I appreciated how Sasha captured me and the whole feel of the shoot.

A.G.E. Full nudity is not a taboo anymore and it’s definitely being more mainstreamed in cinema with movies like Saltburn and in fashion where Yummy definitely had an impact pushing boundaries. How does it feel for you to pose fully nude and how was the experience of shooting with Sasha Olsen?

A.O. Full nudity has started to become more of a norm which is good. I’ve never understood why nudity is such a taboo thing in this culture. A lot of other cultures embrace the human body and what it has to offer, so I’m glad we are starting to turn the page in that aspect as well. I feel like the body is art and that’s exactly how I wanted and how my shoot turned out! Extremely happy with how Sasha captured the story. One of the best photographers I have shot with, just so nice, personable, and creative!

A.G.E. Not only that, but you're gracing the cover of Yummy 8. How does that accomplishment make you feel?

A.O. It was so awesome to hear I got the cover for Yummy! A lot of great models have worked and shot for Yummy and to be a part of that group and to get a cover for them is amazing!

A.G.E. Now, let's add some spice to the conversation. Firstly, what does the word "yummy" mean to you?

A.O. Yummy has many meanings but in this context, I believe it means, the model and photographer cooked up some beautiful art and captured stunning shots that are “yummy” ;)

A.G.E. On a lighter note, are you a boxers or briefs guy? What's your preferred choice of underwear and when do you opt not to wear any? Do you usually sleep naked?

A.O. I’m a briefs guy all the way. Boxers should not be a thing. They get bunched, they ride up, they get twisted. It’s like wearing mini shorts, and I’ve never liked it. I always sleep naked; clothes are nonexistent when I get into bed.

A.G.E. Everything you do exudes sexiness, but I'm curious, what do you find sexy in another person? Are there specific turn-ons that catch your interest?

A.O. First off, I appreciate the compliment. What I find sexy in another person are a few things physically and intellectually. In no particular order, I need to be attracted to the person physically. People say looks don’t matter, but let’s be real, they do. They aren’t everything but they 100% play a factor. I also need the person to have a sense of humour. I find intelligence very sexy as well, along with self-awareness. I’ll give you 3 turn-ons, one physical, one mental, and one sexual. The physical turn-on is a great smile—melts me! The mental is ambition, and the sexual is kissing on the neck but more specifically whispering in my ear—phew that sends me!

A.G.E. Moving on, what's the body part you appreciate the most about yourself, and which one receives the most compliments?

A.O. Great question. I can tell you the 2 that receive the most compliments and that’s my butt and my chest haha. But as for my favourite, I think it would be my abs and sex lines. Not to boast but to boast, I think I have a great set of abs and sex lines.

A.G.E. Lastly, are there any future plans or aspirations you're eager to achieve? What's on the horizon for Aaron Owen?

A.O. I always have future plans but a single one I am eager to achieve is to work with a major company for a campaign, like a cologne or a clothing brand —cough cough Calvin Klein— that has a world audience. Looking to make the leap into acting more in the next few years and really want to kickstart that part of my journey, so keep your eyes peeled for me on the silver screen!



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