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Save on shipping and the cost of the magazine by buying both issues together and shipping them together in the Summer (2022) when Issue 5 is launched.

(if you would like your issue 4 shipped separately, we can arrange this, just drop us a message).

Yummy 4 is our Winter issue showing male nudes with winter sun by the world's most talented photographers with the world's most handsome men.  

  • 228 plus pages
  • 40 male nude models
  • 16 photographers
  • Full frontal male nudity*
  • Large Format Magazine
  • Thick and heavy
  • Many Beautiful models
  • Shipping worldwide
  • Low-key, discrete packaging
  • FREE poster and postcard.

Ships worldwide, be the first to see.


Yummy Five will be shipping in Summer 2022


Yummy 4 by Steven Klein & Bartek Szmigulski and 14 more contributing photographers

  • Bartek Szmigulski
  • Steven Klein
  • Sasha Olsen
  • Alfonso Anton Cornelis
  • Marco Ovando
  • Eddie Blagbrough
  • Paco Peregrín
  • Maximov Dima
  • Alexander Courtman
  • Lee Wood
  • Giovanni Peschi
  • Jacobus Snyman
  • Torian Lewin
  • Taylor Miller
  • Pedro Pedreira  

Absence of Camouflage by Steven Klein

  1. Joshua Cummings
  2. Ethan O’Pry

Winter Sun in order of appearance

  1. Rob Knighton
  2. Tyler André Forbes
  3. Russell White
  4. Ivan
  5. Rayan Ricci
  6. Chad White
  7. Maynard Jacob
  8. Mark Krupanszki
  9. Marci
  10. Benjamin Bowers
  11. Kyle Umemba
  12. Gorge Cobain
  13. Mate Kovacs
  14. Kolos Balazs
  15. Martin
  16. Akonne Wanliss
  17. Alessio Pozzi
  18. Mario Adrion
  19. Liam Henry
  20. Yago Taboas Rivas
  21. Aldo Londero
  22. Augusto Baccarrelli
  23. Gioele Patroni
  24. Giove Taioli
  25. Jakob Jokerst
  26. Nehuen Alauzet
  27. Anton Sebel
  28. Fiachra Ó Corragáin
  29. Andrés Manzano
  30. Sergey Yaroslavtsev
  31. Kilian Isaak
  32. Julien Tirotta
  33. Ronan Murphy
  34. Augusto Baccanelli
  35. Oliver Rosslee
  36. Jerel Anderson
  37. David Christian
  38. Caio Brum  

Grabbing your Issue Four and Five together gets you:

  • Discounted price on the magazines
  • Save on shipping

The only thing is, you will need to wait till Issue 5 comes out before we will ship your order.

If you can't wait... for Issue 5, and wait to take up the offer and get your 4 now drop Sean an email shop@yummyzine.com

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