CDLP partners with Tom of Finland Foundation—the non-profit archive dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Tom’s work and the erotic arts since 1984—on a limited-edition design collaboration, that launches today, as part of the 2020 Centennial celebration.

Tom of Finland is recognized as one of the greatest visual innovators of the 20th century and is the creator of some of the most iconic, unrestrained, and readily recognizable imagery of contemporary gay culture. Through his work, Tom unapologetically celebrated male beauty, self-love, and style, fighting against archaic discrimination and sexual oppression. As he confronted the stigmas and stereotypes that burdened homosexual desire, his portrayals of empowered sexuality proved liberating on social and aesthetic levels alike.

Following a 2018 partnership, CDLP creative director Christian Larson revisits the body of work of the artist to conceive into reality a Tank Top and a relaunch of the Jock Strap. Envisaged from depictions in Tom’s work, the palette of black and white is a fitting tribute to the monochromatic art. The Tank Top, crafted in lyocell is inspired by a graphite on paper original, Untitled, created in 1986, and features custom ’Tom 1986’ embroidery detail at the hem. The Jock Strap, crafted in lyocell is inspired by a graphite on paper original, Untitled, produced in 1961. This piece was not signed with year of production, therefore the custom embroidery featured at the waistband is simply ‘Tom’. 

The packaging for both styles was custom designed in-house. The Jock Strap is presented in a black cotton covered box. An outer sleeve with a suggestive circle cut-out is removed to reveal the inspiration artwork inset. The Tank Top packaging follows suit with a white lacquered sleeve removed to reveal a white cotton covered box with inspiration artwork inset. Internally, both boxes are lined with some of Tom’s most sensuous, iconic work., Tom of Finland Store, Artspace, and Voo Store Berlin available now.

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